Is money the most important thing in life?

The question of whether money is central to life has been on people’s heads for a very long time and there are very different answers to this question from different angles. At the outset, how a question is immediately defined reveals a particular person’s attitude to the question, because “is money the main thing in life?” And “is money the root of all evil?” Are two completely different questions, but the answer could be practically the same. Of course, the person asking this question is also important because the one who has no penny and the one who has several millions in a bank account is certainly not the same and everyone will have their own attitude and philosophy of life for money and finance.

But in my opinion, there must be at least partially one answer that can satisfy both the rich and the poor, and that is accurate.


So what is money?


First of all, in order to try to answer this question, you need to understand what money is. By its very nature, money is merely a means of exchange for the exchange of value. Just like electricity, for example, does not mean anything to us, but what can be done with electricity is important, so is money. Money is just value, and what you can achieve with that value, and what you can do to gain that value, is important. In a world without money, you do the job and then get paid for it, like you plant grain at the beginning of summer and in the form of plants at the end of the summer. But with money, for example, if you work for someone as a sower you can get paid for your work right after you do it and you don’t have to wait for your plants to grow to harvest them.

Here, then, money is just a value bearer that can be used to transfer or acquire value in a work format. For example, if you buy bread for $ 1 at a store, you are actually buying both the grain from which the bread was made and the human labor invested in growing, transporting, baking, kneading and selling it, and of course transporting all the products. , and in the baking process itself. If you had to bake the bread yourself without the help of others, you would have to plow the ground first, then plant the grain, wait for it to grow and harvest it. Next, you should separate the grains and dry and grind them. Then you should make the dough and roll it and bake it. And only after all these steps could you get your bread. But even then you would have basically naked flour, without salt, without yeast and without spices, because you would have to do it all yourself to get it all. But with the money you can buy all of these products or buy ready-made bread right away by paying a few tens of cents or 1 dollar.


How is money made?


If money is just a means of transferring value, then in theory, you should make money by doing any job. But in practice, money only transfers value from one person to another and so doing a job for yourself will not make you money and so only when you give someone value to another person can you get money. As in the example above, when baking bread, the baker allows consumers to buy it whole instead of having to bake it themselves, and so it is a value provided and people are willing to pay for it. Those who give this value to others are then called entrepreneurs because they are willing to take risks and invest their work, their free resources, to create a product or service that will then provide value to other people. And if the entrepreneur has enough resources, he can also employ other people, thus increasing his workforce. But this can only happen if the entrepreneur pays his employees less than he earns, otherwise his company will go bankrupt soon. Here, then, are the main ways to make money, which are start-ups and paid employment!

But there is also a third type, which is various services and speculations, such as property leasing, corporate investment, bank deposits, lending and other similar activities. This is where value is initially created, for example by making money and buying real estate, but then it is rented out and the money comes from living and depreciating the property.


How is money spent?

How is money spent?

Spending money is always nice, and if it is usually very difficult to make money , it is even too easy to spend, because there is always something new to buy. The money is first spent on meeting one’s needs, and then fulfilling one’s desires and then satisfying various lusts. Of course, with money, you can’t buy or buy everything, but almost everything, because for a large enough amount you can even persuade someone to commit crimes or do other things that no one would normally do for you. For money, the only things you cannot buy are spiritual values ​​such as love, trust and respect, because these things are not material and therefore difficult to quantify. But on the other hand, using the money correctly can certainly gain people’s trust, and also respect, and even partial love. I would say that many consumers loved his or her products and that is why in that sense it means that even love can be partially bought.

But another way to spend money is to make the world a better place and solve some problems. If you are an entrepreneur who has made a big buck of money and satisfied his desires and lusts, then you have never had the opportunity to use this money to create technologies and innovations that will benefit the world and improve people’s lives. There are few such people in the world, and the usual way of donating money is usually not the best way to improve the environment around us because it requires not only money but also the knowledge and desire to achieve something to be able to do something truly revolutionary.


Is money is the key?

Is money is the key?

As we live in a material society where all value is exchanged directly with money, it is very difficult to imagine how a person could do without money, because he would have to do everything himself, and he could hardly find the people he wanted. change different things without using money, because nowadays all transactions are essentially made with money. But of course there are many things you can’t buy and for example family, friends and relationships are usually those that are made without money and hardly anyone will agree to be your friend for 1000 dollar a month, but definitely you you will find a healthy person who is ready to work for you and do practically anything you ask them for 1000 dollar a month.

Money is definitely not the main thing in life , but without money life is very difficult to imagine, so money is needed to fulfill one’s basic desires as well as many whims and desires, but there must also be spiritual things in life and one cannot think solely of money.

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