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September 21 – ROCHESTER – Come next Tuesday, September 27, all baked goods from Sweet House Bakery can be caffeinated from Lumen Coffee.

After a year of partnership between Jenyce Habibovic, owner of Sweet House, and Bryce Fogelson, owner of Lumen Coffee, they are finally seeing the collaboration come to fruition at Sweet House Bakery. Lumen Coffee has been buying pastries from Sweet House for the past year, and a few months ago the conversation for Fogelson to return the favor to Habibovic flared up once again.

“We just decided a few months ago, let’s go,” Habibovic said. “I need good coffee and we want to provide it to Mayo staff and visitors who come here, and to match our quality pastries. So we get quality coffee, and who better than Lumen?”

Habibovic and Fogelson’s partnership began a few years ago when Habibovic’s father connected the couple from his days as a Rochester firefighter alongside Fogelson.

“It’s always fun to do collaborations that have a personal connection to the fire department. It makes it easier to get through tough times,” Fogelson said.

A full beverage menu from Lumen Coffee will be available at Sweet House Bakery when the non-alcoholic cafe opens on Tuesday. The extensive menu includes espressos, specialty lattes, blended coffee, smoothies, milkshakes and tea. Special offers will also be available for the first week of beverage availability.

“I’m super excited to add the coffee, every bakery needs it,” Habibovic said.

In addition to the coffee and bakery collaborations, Habibovic and Fogelson are working to add delivery services for both of their businesses in the near future. The two owners are still determining which web services will best meet their company’s delivery needs. They plan to do their own delivery services and do not plan to partner with third-party services such as DoorDash, Grubhub, or UberEats.

“It’s difficult to do third-party business with a bakery because if people place an order online and an item is already sold out, it makes it more difficult that day,” Habibovic said. “We make everything fresh every morning, so we sell out. We still sell out all day for the pastries, but people definitely have to call ahead if they want anything.”

Along with growth in delivery, Habibovic and Fogelson also plan to expand into the restaurant business. People can contact Habibovic or Fogelson via email to set up catering orders. Habibovie can be reached at

[email protected]

and Fogelson can be reached at

[email protected]