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As fall flavors bloom everywhere, I’m here to remind you that summer isn’t quite over yet. And if there’s one thing I enjoy now while those hot summer nights or late afternoons still linger, it’s a frozen treat! These popsicles, dairy-free pints, chocolate covered fruits and more are the latest and greatest finds I’ve added to my freezer in the latter part of this season.

1. Kind Frozen Chocolate Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt & Nut Treat Bars, $6.89 for 5 bars

Kind seriously nailed it with these frozen treat bars! They remind me of the Snickers ice cream bars my mom loved when I was a kid. They are super creamy, with an almost nougatine texture inside and covered in dark chocolate. Available in three flavors – Dark Chocolate, Almond, Sea Salt & Nut, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate & Nut, and Mint, Chocolate, Almond & Nut – they’re dairy-free and vegan, although you’d never know it.

2. Breyers Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Mint Frozen Desserts, $4.89 for 1.5 liters

Breyers has succeeded in creating a creamy, simple, dairy-free frozen dessert that tastes just like its original ice creams. Made with almond milk, these treats come in a variety of flavors, including Vanilla Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and, my personal favorite, Chocolate Chips. Mint-flavoured.

3. GoodPop Organic Cherry n’ Lemonade Pop, $9.99 for 20 bars

These adorable striped treats from GoodPop are made with fruit juice and have a tangy flavor. I also love that there is no added sugar or artificial flavors or colors. Bonus: You can buy them in bulk at Costco! If you’re not a Costco member, I’ve also spotted these at my local grocery store in smaller packs ($4.99 for 10 bars).

4. TruFru Nature’s Strawberries, $4.89 for 8 ounces

You may have noticed that this brand has hit the shelves recently. I know I have. TrüFrü sells a variety of chocolate-covered frozen fruits, including raspberries, blueberries, cherries, bananas, piña colada (coconut), and strawberries. The fruit is frozen and dipped in a duo of white and milk or dark chocolate (although some, like bananas, are dipped in peanut butter and dark chocolate). These frozen bites come in mini, take-out, and take-out and share packages (pictured above).

5. Cado Peanut Butter & Avocado Frozen Dessert, $4.99 for 1 pint

Another dairy-free discovery that I love is the Cado line of ice creams. I’ve seen the chocolate flavor in stores for about a year now, but the new chocolate peanut butter flavor is a must. (The Mint Chip is also worth a try!) These treats get their creaminess from avocados, but you’d never know you were eating a piece of the produce. They also have no refined sugar or artificial.

6. Enlightened Light Vanilla Dark Chocolate Almond Bars, $4.99 for 4 bars

If you’re a fan of chocolate treats on a stick, these are the ice cream bars for you. Covered in chunks of almonds, they’re a crunchy take on the brand’s classic dark chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bars. They’re deliciously gooey without being too heavy, and the nuts add a fun texture and flavor to the chocolate coating. If nuts aren’t your thing, the brand’s Mint Chip bars are also delicious.

What’s your latest favorite frozen dessert find? Let us know!