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Labor Day, a celebration of the achievements of American workers, also came to mark the unofficial end of summer even though temperatures here in Southern California can continue to soar into triple digits well into October. This year’s Labor Day weekend will bring some of the hottest days of the year. So even though summer produce is giving way to fall fruits and vegetables, we still need ways to cool off, especially when it comes to desserts. When wilted after a hot, hot day, reinvigorate yourself with a creamy, frozen frozen dessert or snack. Now arm yourself with some recipes to help beat the heat and soothe the soul.

Espresso Granita With Cardamom Cream is a refreshing, icy version of a familiar after-dinner caffeine shake. And it’s surprisingly easy and low-tech to make. Freeze a sweet espresso; use a fork to scrape up the ice crystals that form every hour or so; whip cream enriched with cardamom; layer ice crystals (aka granita) with whipped cream in a fancy glass and you’ll be rewarded with the ultimate iced coffee.

In the same vein, Jasmine tea ice cream allows you to eat your iced tea rather than drink it. Make it a granita style like above or pour your tea blend into an ice cream maker and let the machine do the work for you. Try it with your favorite tea.

You can also use your ice cream maker to Devil’s Food Chocolate Ice Cream, one of the most decadent chocolate ice cream I have ever had. A trio of chocolate starters – Dutch cocoa powder, dark chocolate and cocoa cream – generate an extraordinarily intense chocolate. If you weren’t a chocolate lover before, you will be after eating this ice cream.

If you’re a real chocolate addict, use the recipe above to make Chocolate Cookie Sea Salt Ice Cream Sandwiches. Feel free, however, to use your favorite flavor of store-bought ice cream between the crispy and chewy chocolate cookies that will kiss it. Good old vanilla would be a good bet here too.

For something more fruity, Nectarine-Cardamom ice cream has the clean, vibrant flavor of sorbet and the luxurious texture of ice cream. The cardamom infusion infuses the ice cream base with its unique, slightly floral flavor, which contrasts deliciously with the vaguely tart nectarines.

Passion fruit sorbet is a creamy, purely plant-based dessert brimming with the distinctive flavor of passion fruit tamed just a little with lime and orange juices. If you prefer icy to creamy, skip the ice cream maker and use the slush method described above. Either way, you’re in for an inspired and revitalizing tasty treat.

A little more elegant than an ice cream, a Iced blackberry soufflé will amaze your companions. It is based on an Italian meringue, which is made by pouring a hot sugar syrup into the running mixer while beating the egg whites. The heat of the syrup “cooks” gently and transforms the egg whites into a smooth and velvety cream. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you may never go back to traditional ice cream.

Made with an Italian meringue, this frozen soufflé is light and airy and offers direct and clean flavours.

Time55 minutes

YieldsFor 8 to 10 people

Relax with this icy, flaked espresso, served with a few dollops of unsweetened cardamom whipped cream to balance out the sweet and strong coffee.

Time5 hours, mostly unsupervised

YieldsFor 6 persons

The aromas of jasmine tea come through loud and clear and the silky, slightly melting texture is perfect for ending a late dinner outdoors.

Time8 minutes

YieldsFor 4 to 6 people

With the vibrant flavor of sorbet and the luxurious texture of ice cream, the astringent-floral flavor of cardamom perfectly underlines that particular creamy tart note of nectarines.

Time15 minutes, plus 1 hour 25 minutes rest and freeze time

YieldsFor 8 people

Hollandaise cocoa powder, 72% dark chocolate, crème de cacao and heavy cream all combine to make this the creamiest, most chocolaty chocolate ice cream you’ll ever eat.

Time45 minutes, plus at least 4 hours of refrigeration

YieldsMakes 1 pint

The cookie uses less sugar to allow for the sweetness of the ice cream. It’s crispy enough to contrast with the ice cream but a bit chewy in the center.

Time1 hour plus cooling and assembly time

YieldsMakes about 18 ice cream sandwiches (36 cookies)

The floral flavor of passion fruit is ideal in a frozen sorbet, the perfect treat to cool off in a heat wave.

Time15 minutes, plus 4 1/2 hours freezing time

YieldsGive 12