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Photograph courtesy of Ripple

There’s no denying that consumer interest in plant-based options has increased over the past few years – a quick look at the non-dairy milk selection at most grocery stores is proof enough. And although a majority of the population does not follow a strict vegetarian or vegan diet, the consumption of vegan and vegetarian options is becoming increasingly common, according to the recent Technomic study. Center of the Plate: Seafood and Vegetarian Consumer Trends Report42% of consumers eat vegan or vegetarian options at least once a week, up from 34% in 2018. But consumers are increasingly looking for these options when dining out, and not just for consumption at home.

One area in particular that has yet to meet the needs of plant-based diners or diners looking for dairy-free options is desserts, especially frozen desserts. Wanting to choose non-dairy frozen desserts often meant that consumers had to settle for a fruit sorbet when they really wanted a scoop of vanilla ice cream, for example. Early iterations of dairy-free dessert options often left a lot to be desired in terms of texture, richness, aftertaste and more. But for operators looking to attract plant-based diners — or even diners who are just curious to try a plant-based option — finding a delicious dairy-free frozen dessert can be a boon to the bottom line.

Ripple offers a plant-based answer that ice cream lovers have been waiting for. Dairy-free soft drinks, perfectly textured hard packs, and creamy shakes are made possible by Ripple’s frozen dessert bases that can be used in any popsicle or gelato machine. They’re also endlessly customizable, perfect for operators wanting to create seasonal or limited-time flavors.

Currently, dairy-free ice cream is not on the menu of many restaurants – according to data from Menu Ignite, only 0.3% of restaurants offer it. And with the growing popularity of plant-based options, not offering vegan dessert options like soft serve ice cream or dairy-free sundaes can mean leaving money on the table.

Ripple’s frozen dessert bases are packaged in labor-saving formats without added stress for back-office workers, and are available in two flavors – Original and Vanilla – for ultimate customization. Ripple’s Original base offers a neutral flavor profile ready to accept an operator’s signature flavor additions, while Ripple Vanilla offers a classic, familiar taste that’s perfectly complemented by additions such as chocolate chips, a swirl of caramel and many other mixtures.

As consumer interest in plant-based options only grows, the demand for plant-based desserts will also increase and operators must be ready to meet the demand. For more on Ripple Frozen Dessert Bases, Click here.

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