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Throughout August, carrot cake lovers can enjoy a sweet new creation from Las Vegas-based Pinkbox Donuts, the What’s Up Doc. The frosted carrot cake is topped with cream cheese buttercream and carrot shavings.

Also available in August, the bedtime bear. This monthly feature is a sky blue frosted embossed bear topped with bedtime bear decor. Another great addition is the Care Bears Bar, a pink frosted raised donut topped with tangy gummy bears. These treats will only be available Friday through Sunday throughout the month.

Pinkbox Donuts recently opened its first out-of-state location in St. George, Utah. Pinkbox St. George welcomed customers on Saturday, August 13 with the new location showcasing a unique Utah-themed donut in addition to its full line of tasty treats, collection of branded merchandise and signature whimsical decor throughout. the boutique of pink drops on the walls, three-dimensional nuggets and pink stripes on the floor. The 2,700-square-foot St. George location features a drive-thru and patio, complete with a donut table and an oversized Instagram-enabled pink donut statue with sprinkles out front.

To commemorate Pinkbox’s arrival in St. George, a specialty-themed Utah donut was created in his honor. The unique donut is inspired by a favorite Utah treat, Jell-O Lime Salad, and is a Jell-O Lime Frosted Carrot Cake Donut topped with whip, nuts, mini marshmallows and with a drizzle of pineapple.