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Frozen desserts are hands down the best things to do in the dessert space, especially ice cream. Whether it’s gelato, sorbet, popsicle, frozen yogurt or soft serve, ice cream can satisfy our sweet tooth like no other. Since its invention over 500 years ago, we’ve enjoyed these cool, refreshing desserts that melt in your mouth and make you feel like you’re in heaven, especially on a hot summer day! A scoop of your favorite flavor, with a handful of fresh fruit, syrups or nuts, and it’s the perfect bowl of happiness you can ask for after a long day, or when catching up on your favorite show or movie.

That being said, most store-bought frozen desserts are loaded with sugar and artificial flavors, which of course taste good, but aren’t necessarily always healthy, especially if you eat them. made for children. While we all deserve a little sweet treat once in a while, wouldn’t it be great to have a healthier version?

One of the best ways to get healthy frozen desserts is to make them at home. You can make them to your liking, use ingredients straight from your kitchen, and also enjoy the nutritional benefits while satisfying your taste buds. But don’t worry, not all ice cream is hard and complicated to make.

We’ve got you covered with some of the easiest ways to make your favorite frozen dessert, with ideas ranging from classic recipes to vegan and sugar-free options.

How to make frozen desserts at home

Use maple syrup or honey instead of sugar

Berry frozen yogurt. Photo by Lisa Wiltse (Photo by Lisa Wiltse/Corbis via Getty Images)

For one thing, the honey keeps the ice cream softer and adds texture frosting. But remember that neither syrup nor honey will solidify or crystallize the dish like sugar does, although it will give your dish a very unique taste. Try that Tropical Fruit Frozen Yogurt, which only needs four ingredients. It’s refreshing, guilt-free, and tastes like a mouth-watering feast with fresh fruit and creamy yogurt, all whipped with honey or maple syrup. You can also create a children’s version of frozen yogurt with this all-natural fruit blend from Once Upon a Farm.

Use banana or coconut milk instead of dairy

Frozen desserts

Grilled panko banana ice cream

Whether you prefer vegan options or not, coconut milk or bananas are a great way to make your ice cream smooth and creamy. More so with the banana, which will also help you avoid sugar or other sweeteners. All you have to do is freeze the bananas overnight, then blend them in the food processor the next day. You can have it like this or mix in a handful of berries, or a few dark chocolate shavings, or top it with these, nuts or cut fruit. Don’t forget to try this very exotic Blueberry and lavender ice cream with coconut milk.

Use fresh fruit pulps and juices

Frozen desserts

Popsicles on display at the cocktail party (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Paraiso Miami Beach)

The fruits are rich in sugars and natural acids which give a nice balance between the sweet and tangy taste. And ‘the’ season for farm-fresh berries, stone fruits, mangoes and more. Make the most of seasonal harvests and make sorbets and popsicles with a mix of kiwi, strawberry, mango, pineapple, peaches or anything you can buy at the store. Or go for the mix of flavors rainbow pops with kiwi, blackberry, peach and raspberry, which are colorful, tasty and healthy. We bet the kids won’t stop at just one.

This summer, avoid the trip to the supermarket and prepare your favorite frozen desserts yourself, right in your kitchen. You will be surprised at your own dessert making skills!