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Whether you’re having a bad day or just want to party, one thing comes to mind: ICE CREAM! Ask anyone and they’ll probably tell you that anytime is the best time for comforting desserts.

To celebrate Ice Cream Day in July, foodies are invited to sample the most drool-worthy frozen desserts. At Pavilion Bukit Jalil, you’ll find everything from ice cream and waffles to bingsu and fro-yo.


Although Baskin-Robbins is best known for its line of 31 ice cream flavors to choose from (such as Strawberry Cheesecake and Jamoca Almond Fudge), customers also frequent the American ice cream brand for its ice cream milkshakes, including the Classic Chocolate, Very Berry Strawberry, and mint chocolate chips. Since Merdeka is approaching, Baskin-Robbins will introduce a brand new Cendol Blast ice cream milkshake.

  • Where to get it: Baskin-Robbins, Level 3, Orange Zone, Bukit Jalil Pavilion

Crushed ice

For those looking for natural and authentic Taiwanese desserts, Yam Fresh’s line of shaved ice is a hot favourite, especially on a hot day outside. With a total of 7 delicious base flavors to choose from, you can opt for herb jelly, soy, matcha, coconut, milk tea, chocolate, and mango. Psst, don’t miss their Cendol Coconut Ice or (for boba lovers) Pearl Milk Tea. Of course, you can also try Bean Jr’s Korean frozen desserts like Ice Ice Baby, Mango Tango and Hey Mickey, or go crazy with Nuts About You or Man-Go-Crazy!

  • Where to get it: Yam Fresh, Tier 3, Orange Zone/Bean Jr, Tier 1

Roll-ney It Up


It’s crispy, light and fluffy – we can’t get enough Kürtőskalács ice cream at Rollney. Cylinder-shaped Kürtőskalács go best with chocolate or vanilla ice cream. We also have a soft spot for the delicious Summer Berry Cone which brings happiness and beats the summer heat. Strawberry fields forever!

  • Where to get it: Rollney, level 1, orange zone

Taste the king of fruits

Get the scoop on the reign of Musang King and more Malaysian-made artisanal ice cream. With a fluffy, flambé meringue layer on the outside and a crispy chocolate base on the inside, the local brand’s King cake is memang Betul-Betul Durian and betul-betul kaw! Durian lovers can enjoy rich and creamy durian ice cream in addition to creamy ice cream made with real D24 or seasonal Musang King pulp.

  • Where to get it: Inside Scoop, level 3, pink area

Mix match

There is no set way to enjoy ice cream. You can also get creative and jazz it up by pairing it with root beer, or enjoying it on a waffle! As the first fast food restaurant to open in Malaysia (in 1963), A&W serves the signature RB float (root beer float) topped with creamy vanilla ice cream. We also love it when we enjoy the warm and crispy waffle with ice cream accompanied by a strawberry or chocolate sauce. Have you tried the brand new Choco Dino waffle or sundae? It’s just as good!

  • Where to get it: A&W Tier 1,

Refreshing Llao Llao & Oats Ice Cream

For something more refreshing, there are no better options than llao llao and Oat Story. With llao llao’s fro-yo, you can mix sweet-yet-tangy Spanish frozen yogurt with different toppings such as fresh fruit, Oreo cookie crumble, M&Ms, or even swirl your dessert with their special sauces. If you’re looking for something “healthier”, head to The Food Merchant and drop by Oat Story for a delicious, unique scoop of oatmeal ice cream. nutritious and guilt-free. How is OATsome?

  • Where to get it: Llao Llao/The Food Merchant, Level 1,

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