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Supermarket shoppers are divided over a new product from Coles, with some saying it’s ‘smart food engineering’.

The discussion started after a Reddit user shared a photo of Coles’ brand new panko breaded chicken nuggets.

The product, which weighs 400g and costs $7.50, can be put in the air fryer for just six minutes and it’s ready to eat.

But as the Reddit post was captioned: “The Coles scientists were so concerned about whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they had to.”

As expected, there were a lot of opinions on the subject, and the forum quickly split on whether it sounded delicious or was an innovation too far.

“These are designed for quick air frying,” one Reddit user pointed out.

“It maximizes surface area to volume ratio while creating a patty shape (eg for burgers) that doubles as a chunky chicken nugget**. It’s actually really clever food engineering.

A second person wrote: ‘I can imagine kids like novelty.

Another said they were immediately rushing to Coles to buy some.

Others have suggested that the empty middle would be perfect for making sure the sauce didn’t go all over the place or for cracking an egg.

But some weren’t so convinced.

One person said: “Meat eaters: ‘I don’t understand why vegans want to turn their plant-based food into meat… if you want plants to just eat plants.’

“Also meat eaters: ‘Chicken fritter.'”

Another said: “I hate this and any other variation of chicken nuggets like chicken fries. They keep changing the shape like that, it will make us want to.

Daniel Slavin, senior poultry category manager at Coles, said the product was designed for children.

“[They] have been developed to help provide a family-oriented meal solution for even the pickiest little eaters,” he said.

“The hollow circle format is a familiar concept for customers (calamari, donuts) and gives more crunch when eating, which has clearly appealed to customers.

“Coles’ own brand meat development team worked closely with our development leaders to create a new range of easy meal solutions that would appeal to families and help parents make mealtime fun. for children while providing a high quality meal.”

He added that the product uses RSPCA-approved Australian chicken ‘with vegetables for a hidden good’ and said that as part of the same range, Coles has also launched similar chicken dinosaurs with cauliflower and chicken chips with cauliflower.

“Chicken nuggets are available in around 200 Coles supermarkets, but they’ve been so popular that we plan to roll them out to other stores nationwide in the coming weeks,” he said.

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