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* This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a small commission if you use them.

Food Lion has new sales starting June 15, including Broccoli Crowns, Asparagus, Chicken Thighs, Glazed Donuts, Hot Dog Chili Sauce, 2-Liter Pepsi, Buy 2 Get 1 Promotion Free, a gift card offer and more.

*The following sales are from a Raleigh NC Food Lion online ad and are valid at many Food Lion stores in the Triangle area. Check the ad on for your local store to verify prices as they are not the same in all cities. This list is not a price guarantee.

Food Lion Feeds Donation Promotion

From June 1-28, donate $5 through the Food Lion Feeds program toward your next online or in-store purchase and participating vendor partners will match the amount. Donations support Feeding America and its affiliated local food bank partners. See details on their website.

Gift card offer

Save $10 when you buy $50 of participating gift cards with a grocery purchase of at least $10. Offer valid June 15-28, 2022. Gift cards featured in the ad include O’Charley’s, Domino’s, Fanatics, Fandango, various gift cards with multiple restaurants and retailers on the same card (including The Cheesecake Factory, Outback , Bed Bath & Beyond, Red Robin, Macy’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and more. See ad for full details.

Buy 2 get 1 free

Buy 2 of a product and get the 3rd free. Valid from June 15 to 28 according to the announcement. See ad for more details. The prices listed below are before the promotional discount.

Mrs. Cubbison’s croutons, 5 oz, $1

Cirio crushed tomatoes, 13.76 oz, $1.29

Idahoan instant potatoes, 4-4.1 oz, $1.29

Knorr pasta or rice sides, your choice, $1.29

Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, 8-12 oz, 2 for $3

Annie’s mac and cheese, 5.25-6 oz, $1.79

Alpha Foods Burritos, 5 oz, 2 for $4

Chex Mix or Bugles Corn Snacks, 7.5-8.75 Oz., 2 for $4 – .25/2 Ibotta cash back for Chex Mix

Lipton tea, 64 oz, $2.49

Vlasic spears, 24 oz, $2.49

Betty Crocker brownie mix, your choice, 2 for $5

Blue Bunny Load’d Sundae Cups, 8.5 oz, $2.50-$0.55 coupon when you sign up on their website

Keebler Vienna Fingers or Sandies, select, 2 for $5 – .25 Ibotta Cash Back Offer

Lindy’s Italian ice cream, 36 oz, 2 for $5

Old El Paso Taco or Fajita Dinner Kit, 8.4-12.5 oz., 2 for $5

Sunbelt Bakery granola or cereal bars, your choice, $2.69

Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Bars, 9.8-10.4 oz, $2.79-$1/2 coupon from when you login

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies or Apple Jacks cereal, 9-15.5 oz, $2.89-1/2 coupon from when you log in

Betty Crocker Cookie Cups, 2 for $6

General Mills Lucky Charms or Toast Crunch Cereal, 10.5-12 oz. Select, 2 for $6 – Digital Coupon $1/2 FL

Skinny Pop Popcorn, 4.4-16.8, 2 for $6

Turkey Hill ice cream, 48 oz, 2 for $6

Duke’s BBQ sauce, 14-17.5 oz, 2 for $7

FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwiches or Cones, 15-30 oz, 2 for $7

Mars ice cream bars, 6 pieces, 2 for $7

Shredded or sliced ​​Tillamook cheese, 7-8 z, $3.50

Tillamook ice cream, 48 oz, 2 for $7

AHA sparkling water, 8 cans, $3.79

Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 24.8 oz, 50 units, 2 for $7 – .50 Ibotta Cash Back Offer

Blue Bunny Load’d Bars or Cones, 13.4-18 oz, 2 for $8 – 0.55 coupon when you sign up on their website

Halo Top Ice Cream or Novelties, 10.6-16 oz, 2 for $8

My Mochi Ice Cream, 9 oz, 2 for $8

Yummy Chicken Nuggets or Wyngz, 20.2-21.7 oz, 2 for $8

Entenmann cakes or pies, 9.25-12.25 oz, $4.49

Folgers coffee, 9.6-11.3 oz, 2 for $9

Taquitos El Monterey, 20-20.7 oz, $4.99

Eight O’Clock coffee, 11-12 oz bag, 2 for $10

Frito Lay Party Size snacks or fries, 9.5-18 oz, $5.49

Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza, 36.3-38.8 oz. , $6.49

Offers valid all week

These offers are valid from June 15 to 21, 2022.


Limes, 3 for $0.99

Vidalia onions, $0.89/lb

European cucumbers, $0.99 each

Nature’s Promise Organic Yellow Squash or Zucchini, $1.19 each

Broccoli crowns, $1.29/lb

Celery, $1.49/bunch

Green grapes, $1.49/lb

Food Lion white sliced ​​mushrooms, 8 oz, $1.89

Asparagus, $1.99/lb

Black or red plums, $1.99/lb

Blackberries, 6 oz, $2

Cantaloupes, $2

Russet Food Lion potatoes, 5 lb bag, $2.50

Campari tomatoes, 16 oz, $2.99

Nature’s Promise Organic Yellow Nectarines or Peaches, 2 lb bag, $3.49

Roman hearts, 3 pieces, $3.99

Meat & Seafood

Boston whole butt, $1.59/lb

Boneless chicken thighs, $2.29/lb

Food Lion chicken breast, small package, boneless, $2.79/lb

93% lean ground fresh turkey, 16 oz, $3.99

85% lean fresh ground round, $4.99/lb

Beef shoulder roast, $4.99/lb

Cold water lobster tail, 3 oz, $4.99

Cubed steak, $4.99/lb

St. Louis Style Swift Dry Rub Pork Ribs, $4.99/lb

Food Lion Raw Shrimp, 16-20 units, 16 oz, frozen, $6.99

T-bone steak, beef, $6.99/lb

Food Lion cooked shrimp, 26-30 units, 16 oz bag, frozen, $7.99

Inland Market Bourbon salmon fillets, 10 oz, $7.99

Wild tuna steaks, 10 oz, $7.99

Kingsford fully cooked ribs, 24 oz, $12.99

Snow crab clusters, $12.99/lb

Fresh pork chops, 25% off


Home Market Seafood Dips or Spreads, 7 oz, $2.99

Smithfield Prime fresh lunch meat, 8 oz, $3.29

Ball Park beef franks, 14-15 oz, $3.99

Jimmy Dean sausage roll, 16 oz, $4.49

Flanders beef patties, 4 lb box, frozen, $7.99

Margaritaville Shrimp, 8-10 oz, BOGO – $1 Printable Coupon When You Sign Up

Deli & Bakery & Floral

Jack’s Special Garden Fresh Salsa, 16 oz, BOGO for $1.99 each

Stacy’s Pita Chips Gold Thins, 6.75-8 oz, BOGO for $2.25 each

Slippers, 4 pieces, BOGO for $2.25 each

Taste Of Inspirations Cheese Crumbles, 4 oz, $2.50

Homestyle glazed donuts, 12 pieces, BOGO for $2.75 each

Feta Athenos cheese, 3.5-4 oz, $2.99

Food Lion Deli salads, 2 lb, $4.99

Roasted chick, $5.79

Chilled and dairy

Two Great Greek Yogurts or Oikos Pro, 5.3 oz, 4 for $5 – $1/4 FL digital coupon = 4 for $4

Edible lion chunk or shredded cheese, 6-8 oz, $2

Borden processed cheese slices, 12 oz, $2.50

Danimals smoothie or YoCrunch yogurt, 4-6 pack, $2.50

Dannon Light & Fit or Activia yogurt, 4 pack, $2.50

Natural Punches or Florida Ades, 59 oz, $2.50

Housewife Premium Orange Juice, 59 oz, $2.50

Turkey Hill or Ades iced tea, 128 oz, $2.50

International Delight creamers, 32 oz, $3.29


Hungry Jack Pancakes, selected, 14.1-14.8 oz, frozen, $2

Food Lion ice cream sandwiches, 10-16 units, $2.50

Klondike ice cream bars or cones, 4 to 6 pieces, $2.50

Turkey Hill Dipped Duos, 9 oz, $2.50

State Fair Corn Dogs, select 13.35-16 oz, $3.99 – FL Digital Coupon $1 = $2.99

Morning Star Farms frozen foods, select 5.25 oz to 12 oz, $3.50

Food Lion Family Dinners, 24-38 oz, $3.99

Farm Rich Snacks, select 16-26 oz, $4.99 – $0.75/1 printable coupon when you sign up

Just naked chicken, 24 oz, $7.99

Stable shelf

Food Lion hot dog chili sauce, 10.5 oz, $0.52

Food Lion Pizza Crust Mix, 8 oz, $0.62

Beech-Nut Stage 2 baby food, 4 oz, $0.80

Pepsi products, 2 liters, $0.99

Gerber Graduates Grabber, 3.5 oz pouch, $1

Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta, 14.5-15 oz, $1.25

Jell-O instant pudding or gelatin mix, select $1.25

Hunt’s Manwich, 15-16oz, $1.29

Andy’s breadcrumbs, 10 oz, $1.50

Fanta or Minute Maid drinks, select 2 liters, $1.50

Ole 8 in. Tortillas, 16oz, $2

Post Honey-Comb, Waffle or Golden Crisp cereal, or cereal snacks, select $2

Keebler Chips Deluxe or Fudge Shoppe Cookies, 6-14.8 oz, BOGO for $2.25 each, limit 2 free – $0.25 Ibotta Refund Offer

Pace Picante or Salsa, 16 oz, $2.29

Bush’s Best Baked Or Grillin’ Beans, 21.5-28 oz, $2.50

Dole fruit bowls, 4-pack, $2.50

Wise Cheese Doodles or Popcorn, 5.5-9.25 oz, $2.50

Quaker instant oatmeal, 7.4-15.1 oz, $2.79

Pepsi products, 6 bottle pack, $3.33-$3/4 coupon from or FL digital coupons

Tostitos Tortilla Chips or Ruffles, 7.25-13 oz, $3.50

Dr Pepper products, 12 cans, 3 for $11

Bubly sparkling water, 8 cans, $3.79

Nabisco Family size crackers, 12-16 oz, $3.99

Seattle’s Best Coffee, 10 k-cups, $4.99

Snyder’s Of Hanover Pretzels or Pretzel Pieces, 10-16 oz, Select, BOGO


Gillette Foamy or Satin Care shave gel, 7-11 oz, $2.29

Luvs Diapers Giant Pack, 88-144 units, digital coupon from $27.49 to $2 FL


*Sales for this listing are from an online ad from Raleigh, NC and are valid at many Food Lion stores in the Triangle area. Check the ad on for your local store to verify prices as they are not the same in all cities. This list is not a price guarantee.

Shop and earn rewards

Load the monthly rewards to your MVP card, then they will be automatically redeemed on your next shopping trip when your MVP card is scanned.

According to their website: “Rewards offers must be earned within the same calendar month and expire at the end of the following month. Rewards can only be used at Food Lion, have no cash value and are non-transferable. Rewards cannot be used to purchase tobacco, alcohol, prescriptions, gift cards, stamps, services including money orders or lottery tickets and are not valid for the purchase of dairy products in TN, PA or VA.

Rewards are automatically redeemed during the shopping visit after being earned with the use of your MVP card. Refer to “Rewards Balance” in your MVP Wallet to see what is available for redemption. »

Shop & Earn rewards can be earned and redeemed through Food Lion To Go orders starting June 2020.

See more details on

Food Lion Coupon Basics

Food Lion does not double coupons.

They have no limit on the total number of coupons they will take unless otherwise stated in the ad. You can only use a maximum of 10 (ten) coupons for the same item per customer. This includes coupons uploaded to your personal MVP card.

BOGO items ring half price, so if you only buy one, it rings half price. You can use a coupon on each BOGO sale item.

You cannot use Food Lion store coupons and manufacturer coupons on the same item. “Stacked” coupons like this are not allowed by Food Lion’s coupon policy.

You can see their entire coupon policy on their website HERE.

Digital Coupons: Load Food Lion Digital Coupons (FL Digital Coupons) onto your Food Lion MVP Card and when they scan your card at checkout and you purchase the eligible items, the discount is automatically applied. No e-coupons will double. See more information and available digital coupons on their website HERE.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: Food Lion offers a double money back quality guarantee on all Food Lion store brands.