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When it comes to summer snacks, everyone has their own personal preference. While some people prefer something refreshing and fruity, others prefer something rich and creamy. Whatever your taste buds, Aldi has a little something for everyone. In a recent instagram post, @aldifavoritefinds shared some of the latest treats the discount grocery store has stocked in freezers. “More seasonal ice cream choices for summer! These could be located in regular ice cream freezers or AldiFinds freezers,” the caption reads. “Which are you going to try? Some of the photos featured in the Instagram post include colorful boxes of strawberry fruit bars, ice cream cookie sandwiches, dark chocolate covered fruit bars, milk chocolate covered bananas and pints of non-dairy vegan ice cream.

Users took to the comments section to share the treats they were most interested in. “Yay!! So glad df ice cream is back!! Need to stock up!” one person wrote, while another shared, “mini ice cream sandwiches are literally Oreo cookies (same size and all) stuffed with ice cream. I had the mint and they are so good!” Yet another raving, “Strawberry bars are the best!! I have no idea how many boxes we’re going to throw away [sic] during the summer,” while someone else shouted the chocolate-covered bananas. Not convinced by these new options?