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If you’re ever in Kallang looking for light bites, it’s time for you to check out this student-run food truck! PS Here are some other articles to check out! The food truck is one of Assumption Pathway School’s on-the-job training platforms. It is led by students from the school, supervised by their trainers. All meals there are freshly prepared in their in-house training central kitchens dubbed ART, or the Assumption Restaurant for Training. Here’s a picture of the menu and what you can expect! 😋Credit: Carolyn Chew for Facebook
If you want a simple cup of coffee, their refreshing hot drinks will do the trick! Choose from a variety of coffees and teas, and even a good cup of milo! All drinks are $2 😌 Why not make it a combo and add a muffin of your choice (you can also ask for it to be reheated)? It’s the perfect on-the-go meal if you’re feeling peckish but are too busy to eat a full meal!
Credit: Carolyn Chew for Facebook
On Saturdays they have 1 for 1 bakery deals which is an absolute must for those who just can’t get enough of baked goods! If you want a heartier meal, try their bentos. The bento menu varies between 3 and 5 Singapore dollars and changes every week. Some dishes you can expect are fried macaroni, mee siam, chicken masala, nasi lemak and other local dishes, so you’ll be spoiled for choice! 😋
Credit: ET Goh for Facebook
You can scroll through their ART’s Facebook and see rave reviews of their meals, especially their range of pastries, so you can be promised great food from their food truck! Look at this cute muffin! If the ART is not halal certified, the bentos served at the food truck are all halal certified. If you’re in the area, stop by the food truck!
Halal status: Halal certified (food truck only, ART is not halal certified) Facebook