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If you think you’ve had your fair taste of the Asian baking world, think again.

Paris Baguette is a bakery founded in 1988 in Korea, where it has more than three thousand retail stores. It opened its first bakery in the United States in 2005 and now has nearly 60 locations, including one at Zion Market in Lewisville and another at the Korean Mall (Shops at Old Denton) in Carrollton.

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Paris Baguette offers a labyrinth of sweets.

Anisha Holla

Paris Baguette may have one of the largest selections of Asian baked goods on the Dallas culinary scene. With aisles filled with flavors ranging from lavender-matcha to red bean cream, the little bakery offers something new for even the most seasoned foodie.

Stacks of cafeteria-style trays wait by the door, inviting customers to stack them with whatever amount of sugar they deem appropriate. But hold back your excitement; grabbing a tray is by far the easiest part. The real challenge is the walk to the cash register.

The self-service display cases form a kind of path, leading the visitor past croissants, donuts, pastries and more. The walk itself isn’t too treacherous; it’s choosing what you want along the way that can break you. The selections start off simple enough, as you pass rows of Japanese cheesecake, a chewier alternative to the American dessert. Slightly sweet, the Asian version resembles a kind of sponge cake, with a hint of baked cheese tartness in the heart.

As you walk, the options begin to diversify.

Click to enlarge The croquettes are filled with curry potatoes and crabmeat.  - ANISHA HOLLA

The croquettes are filled with curry potatoes and crabmeat.

Anisha Holla

Next are the shelves of savory selections from the bakery. Opt for a curried potato or crabmeat croquette, a hollow dumpling filled with Asian flavors. Rolled in breadcrumbs and fried, the croquettes offer a satisfying crunch on the outside, balanced by chewy fillings on the inside.

Next are the sweet departments, which begin with a wide selection of cream-filled croissants filled with your choice of dark chocolate, almond, matcha or coconut cream. Baked to a perfectly caramelized color, each croissant has a crispy outer layer and custard inside. You’re unlikely to regret adding one (or two) to your board.

Click to enlarge Take a tray and load it.  - ANISHA HOLLA

Take a tray and load it.

Anisha Holla

Opposite the croissants is a tantalizing array of donuts, filled with creams like vanilla bean, tiramisu and crème brûlée.

Dotted around the aisles of Paris Baguette are other various pastries, filled with cream cheese or sweetened egg custard. Don’t miss the red bean and cream of choux pastry, a rolled pastry made from flaky filo pastry. The dessert is injected with a layer of crème de choux – a buttercream – and red bean paste.

Just before the register is a final shelf filled with refrigerated cakes, available by the slice or whole. Get the Mango Coconut Cake, a spongy coconut cake stacked with layers of sweet buttercream and mango slices. For the more adventurous, the green tea cake consists of a matcha sponge cake, stuffed with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries.

Paris Baguette, 2625 Old Denton Road, Suite 106 (Carrollton), 8am-9pm Sunday-Thursday; 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday