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Green mint; the seal loves donuts too much; sent to rehab

An overly friendly wild seal has been taken away to recover after being picked up by private individuals in Plymouth for donuts, sandwiches and fish.

Natural life specialists say Spearmint the seal has come to depend on bathers for food and her recovery will include taking care of people in the future before she is released into the ocean from a remote part of Scotland.

Dan Jarvis, government aid and protection manager at British Marine Life Rescue, said caring for young seals is particularly tricky given that they have to find a way to get them back into the wild .

Mr Jarvis said on a broadcast: ‘For Spearmint’s situation here, the whole problem started when she started being picked up by individuals in the wild, either from the dock or on boat trips. boat the previous summer, unfortunately.

“As she is a very young seal, she was a few months old at the time, it may have been revolutionary for the way she behaved, because it made her very acclimatized to moving towards individuals and to connect with them.

“It got really awkward in the middle of the year with huge groups gathering when she was near the ocean, inappropriate introverted behavior, individuals throwing rocks at her, trying to get kids to sit on her to take photos or take selfies, and try to take care of his really arbitrary objects too.

“We have heard of individuals trying to throw sandwiches, frozen yoghurt and donuts at her, which obviously are not ordinary things she would eat.

“Anyway, it was when people were taking care of his fish that it became a real problem.”

The RSPCA said the young seal was brought to their community of West Hatch in Taunton, Somerset, after he stopped eating food thrown at him and felt a shock in his ear.

They said Spearmint received anti-toxins on Wednesday and was receiving infusions every other day.

A representative from the foundation said: “She was examined by a natural life vet as she was not eating and additionally had secretions coming from her right ear.

“Normally, wild creatures can be imprisoned, in any event, for a short time, a battle, but our accomplished team, who have practical experience in restoring natural life, do their best to reduce the pressure. on spearmint and try to have it delivered quickly.

The recovery of spearmint, which will be carried out by the RSPCA, will include limiting human contact, rebuilding its caution towards individuals and mixing it with different seals.