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April 13 – HARRISBURG – Would it be a good idea to repeal the frozen dessert law?

The state House of Representatives thinks so.

Legislation to repeal Pennsylvania Law 215 of 1965, known as the Frozen Dessert Act, passed the State House overwhelmingly on Tuesday by a vote of 198 to 1, according to the Rep. State Parke Wentling.

Wentling, whose current district includes part of Crawford County, said the frozen dessert law is unnecessary because other laws protect consumers.

According to Wentling, current law requires companies to perform standard monthly plate counts and coliform testing of every barrel of every soft serve and milkshake machine in a private lab, as well as follow required testing protocols in milk hygiene regulations.

After more than 3 million tests, there has never been an identified outbreak in frozen desserts at the retail level, he said.

“Repealing this outdated law will eliminate the regulations enacted under its authority and would support our business owners by removing costly and redundant bureaucratic processes, while maintaining frozen dessert safety and protecting customers,” Wentling said. “This matter was brought to my attention by a constituent in West Mercer County, and I thank them for raising their concern.”

According to Wentling, the bill’s lead sponsor, House Bill 2212 would end what he called an archaic, outdated and unnecessary law because other food safety laws and regulations that ensure frozen desserts are safe remain. in force.

The bill now heads to the State Senate for consideration.