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Bonomini Bakery

Cincinnati’s Bonomini Bakery was recently recognized by Food & Wine magazine for having the best donuts in Ohio — a fact that comes as no surprise to Northsiders, who love their local gem.

The list identifies the “best fried dough treats” in each state.

Author and foodie David Landsel declares Bonomini’s “Clunker” the best donut in the Buckeye State. The beloved “fist-sized” cake donut can be enjoyed with thick icing, topped with a generous sprinkle of powdered or plain sugar.

“In a surprise twist, the cake inside [of the donuts] will be wonderfully light. You’ll find Clunker sold all over town; The Bonomini are the best.

Visiting the nostalgic bakery is like stepping back in time with its vintage neon sign hanging outside and weathered brick exterior. The bakery is family owned and operated since 1976, says

“Early in the morning, even in the dead of winter, don’t be surprised to find a small crowd looking to enter one of the most charming family bakeries in the world, three generations and counting,” Landsel explains in Food & Wine. Magazine.

Bonomini serves up everything from donuts, danishes and pies to awe-inspiring wedding cakes.

Bonomi Bakery, 1677 Blue Rock St., Northside.