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Warning: This story contains adult themes.

Normally complaints are bad for business, but Punk Rock Pastries in Burnaby just proved that there often isn’t bad press.

A sugar cookie in the shape of a penis offended a customer so much that she filed a complaint with the town hall.

Two bylaws officers followed up by asking the bakery owner to post a disclaimer about her products (some are also shaped like vaginas), on social media.

Hollie Deville agreed, telling her Instagram followers that she had received a complaint.

“Someone had come with their child and was a little worried that we were selling genital cookies. So our store is not for under 16s,” she said with a laugh in the video post. .

Word spread and by Friday morning business was so good that the staff sold more in just one hour than they normally would in an entire day.

“Now the word is out, we’re pumping them out as fast as we can,” Deville said from the back of her shop as her team put more anatomically correct cookies in the oven.

“The only time it’s like this is actually Halloween. It’s our crazy time of year. We didn’t expect that.”

There has long been a sign on the front door warning that “any child under 16 must be accompanied by an adult”.

The shop also sells traditional cheesecake, cupcakes and even vegan pizza dough.

Even before receiving the complaint, the bakery reminded customers twice a year online of their risky products.

“We do adult-themed things. That’s what sets us apart from other bakeries,” Deville said with a smile.