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A man has appeared in court for his involvement in disrespectful and anti-social conduct at a funeral procession in Sheffield.

Ketan Singh-Baat, 20, of no fixed address, appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on February 8 charged with multiple driving offenses following the joint funeral of Tyrone Forde, 22, and Jordan Caster, 19 years old, in April of last year.

He joined more than 60 cars, trucks, motorbikes and quads in the procession for his friends who died in an accident on the M1 in April 2021.

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The National Police Air Service (NPAS) captured vehicle drivers during the day driving antisocially on the roads of Sheffield and performing ‘doughnuts‘ on the cemetery grounds causing damage to the grass.

NPAS colleagues followed the cars as they left the cemetery, providing vital evidence which would later be used to help traffic police identify Singh-Baat as the driver of several vehicles during the day.

Singh-Baat was identified as driving a Mercedes Wagon during the funeral procession and an Audi on the cemetery grounds later that day.

‘Disrespectful’ motorist performs ‘doughnuts’ at Sheffield funeral

On June 23 traffic police officers stopped a gray Volkswagen Golf on Earsham Street in Sheffield when their attention was drawn to the driver and passengers of the vehicle who were not wearing seat belts. After stopping the car, officers found Singh-Baat driving as he was disqualified and wanted for offenses committed at the Sheffield funeral.

PC Investigator Jamie Walker said: ‘Anti-social conduct will not be tolerated in South Yorkshire. Singh-Baat’s disregard for anyone in the cemetery was disrespectful and dangerous.

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“In gathering evidence against Singh-Baat, we obtained statements from grieving witnesses and workers who were in the cemetery at the time, and it was clear from speaking to them of the distress this was causing. to people and the work needed to repair the damage.

“I hope this will remind us that we take anti-social behavior very seriously and will continue to bring those responsible to justice.”

In court, Singh-Baat was banned from driving for three years and ordered to retake a driving test, given a community curfew order and ordered to pay £85 in court costs and a victim charge of £95.

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