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The chef himself at the entrance to the Pastry Lab.

What do you need to know about this new pastry?

We should start by saying what a big deal Cedric is. He is often described as the best pastry chef in the world, which as you can imagine is not a title granted lightly.

In France, he is the executive pastry chef at Le Meurice in Paris and he also owns a pastry shop in the 9th arrondissement where he sells his famous trompe-l’oeil fruit and flower cakes. Its arrival in London marks the first time it has been open outside of France.

Where exactly is the new location?

You’ll find the patisserie in The Berkeley in Knightsbridge alongside the hotel’s new addition, The Berkeley Café. You can enter through the hotel entrance (the cafe and patisserie are to the left of the lobby) or through a newly created entrance on Knightsbridge.

Is it meals only or can you take something to take away?

You can certainly come and buy one of the amazing take-out pastries, but when there are so many experiences for you to enjoy baking inside, you might prefer to treat yourself to one of these. between them.

There is also a ‘taste’ or snack menu with an a la carte option or a £90 tasting menu. This includes a Berkeley-exclusive dish – a small “trompe l’oeil” scone with marmalade.

cedric grolet london reviewThe cafe will serve a special breakfast menu – for £50 you’ll get three small pastries, followed by a waffle flower or French toast, then a fruit ‘creation’ or a bowl of acai plus a hot and cold drink.

What do you hear about a £135 tasting menu?

If you’re looking for the A-grade option here, you’ll want to reserve a seat at Cedric Grolet’s counter. It’s an experience where you can sit in the pastry lab and see the chefs at work for yourself. We went to try it and this is what we had:

cedric grolet london reviewThere are only eight seats available around the counter and it’s a totally immersive experience.

cedric grolet london reviewThings start with a “refreshment” where you can choose between a cold drink – like freshly squeezed pineapple juice – or something a little stronger, like a glass of Laurent Perrier Rose.

cedric grolet london reviewThe first course is ‘Boulangerie’ which includes a thin slice of toasted croissant drizzled with chocolate and possibly the best pain au chocolat you will ever come across.

cedric grolet london reviewThe next step is tasty, and if you think you’ve tried every possible permutation of avocado on toast, prepare to be surprised. It’s a tiny fried quail egg hiding in there.

cedric grolet london reviewFleur – the vanilla flower composed of a crispy sweet paste, a vanilla praline, a light vanilla almond biscuit, a vanilla milk jam and a vanilla whipped cream. It is built right in front of you, so you can marvel at the skill of the chefs.

cedric grolet london reviewFruit – you might be expecting one of the more well-known fruit shams at this point, apple or mango maybe, but this nut is loaded with salted caramel. As the man himself explained to us, it’s a job of “gently slicing in half” and then popping it in your mouth to explode.

cedric grolet london reviewFrozen – at first glance this might remind you of the fruit sorbets you used to get in restaurants back then, but this one is definitely the 2022 version – filled with lemon ‘caviar’.

cedric grolet london reviewFinally, as a parting gift, we offer you a freshly baked madeleine.

General thoughts

Baking groupies will be the first to jump into this hot new bakery. Of course, the counter experience is expensive (people go crazy for it on our TikTok feeds) but if you have money and like sweets then why not treat yourself?

If your budget is more Greggs than Grolet, you can pop in and try a pastry for less than a dozen. So there is an option for everyone. Either way, you should walk around and check out this space-age site of extraordinary cooking endeavors.

Learn more about Cédric Grolet at the Berkeley

Where is it? The Berkeley, Wilton Pl, London SW1X 7RL

How to book: Delivered in line.

Learn more: Visit their website or follow Cédric on Instagram @cedricgrolet

Hot diners dined as Berkeley guests. Prices correct at time of publication.

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