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Cheryl Murray wants to evoke “grandma’s cooking” when customers walk into her bakery.

Sweet Dreams will be offering ice cream during the summer months.

LENOX, Mass. — Sweet Dreams Bakery has plans that go beyond baking.

From November to April, it will serve fresh baked goods and coffee. From May to October, it will offer homemade ice cream and U-pick candies.

The mastermind behind the seasonal business model is Pittsfield native Cheryl Murray, a self-taught baker who started as a hobby a decade ago.

She favors the use of quality ingredients and offers a warm atmosphere for customers to enjoy her product.

“My intention in doing this is that when people walk in, they feel like they’re walking into Grandma’s kitchen,” Murray said.

For her, it’s all about the ingredients. Everything is made from scratch using products like Cabot butter, King Arthur flour and local produce whenever possible.

The bakery menu at Sweet Dreams includes both sweet and savory dishes. Scones, muffins, cookies and cakes are available as well as a galette and quiche of the day.

The most popular article so far? Cinna-buns.

“I can’t keep them at home,” Murray said. “We keep making them and making them.”

A lot of labor goes into making the cinna buns, which warranted a note under their listing on the menu saying “when available”.

“You make the dough, it has to rise, then you have to roll it out, create the cinna-buns, put them in a pan, it has to rise again, and then you can bake them,” Murray explained. “So it’s not like cookies, I can make the dough and then just put the dough in it, the crust on everything I make, it’s all from scratch.”

It opened the first week of February on Church Street, in the space that once housed The Scoop. The building is owned by Ryan Salame, a 28-year-old CEO who made his income in cryptocurrency and recently invested in a number of other Lenox restaurants.

Sweet Dreams received great support from the community during its opening week, even going so far as to sell out at one point.

Murray wanted to operate a bakery on site as it had not previously been used in the winter. During the summer, frozen treats will be served by window service with outdoor seating.

His shop expands into the former clothing retailer Twigs, where a retro-themed candy store will be set up.

Former owner of The Scoop Jennifer Nacht – who is also executive director of the Lenox Chamber of Commerce – passed on her ice cream shop’s 35-plus-year-old recipes that were created by the former owner’s mother of the ice cream shop, Bev.

With a bit of his own twist, Murray will continue the long tradition of ice cream.

Sweet Dreams winter hours are Thursday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is located at 51 Church St. For more information, visit

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