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A Yorkshire bakery has gone viral with an unusual creation – the ‘vulva nut’.

After Doe Bakehouse started getting requests for male genitalia for bachelorette parties, the company thought it was right to create a female equivalent.

Doe Bakehouse, which has a branch in Harrogate as well as two other stores in York, has become known for its creative baking since opening in the summer of 2020.

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Biscoff and Percy Pig donuts have proven popular – but the bakery’s latest advisory has delighted some and left others appalled.

The strawberry glazed donut with strawberry lace, sprinkles and hidden chocolate is named “vulva nut” and was quickly shared on social media and made an appearance on Channel 4’s lunchtime show, Steph’s Packed Lunch.

Evie Jackson, 28, outside the Harrogate branch of Doe Bakehouse

Owner Evie Jackson shared how the creation came about: “A year ago we started creating penis donuts after receiving requests from hen parties.

“But another client contacted us, asking if we were doing a female equivalent, as they wanted to celebrate their daughter’s release.”

Evie didn’t expect to receive any negativity because the penis donuts had been so successful, but when she posted on the company’s social media, some followers deemed the sugary treats as “inappropriate” or ” a bit too much”.

Evie continued: “No one cared about the penis donut but was appalled by the vulva one.

“Why male anatomy only? It’s just a part of the body.

Channel 4 lunchtime show Steph's Packed Lunch enjoyed the treat
Channel 4 lunchtime show Steph’s Packed Lunch enjoyed the treat

“Instagram’s reaction was great, but Facebook’s target market wasn’t as happy.”

Racking up thousands of likes, Evie said donuts actually attracted a whole new clientele, with donuts being called ‘epic’ and ‘the perfect Valentine’s Day gift’.

Evie added: “We noticed that there were a lot of midwives buying them.

“We had previously sold donuts shaped like boobs for Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

“It’s body positivity – if a kid sees it, it’s just a body part.”

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On social media, Doehouse Bakehouse called them a “women’s celebration”.

When Steph’s Packed Lunch shared a photo of the treats waiting for them backstage, Evie said she was “ecstatic.”

She said: “Before it was fifty-fifty with people for and against.

“But the show caused a lot more positivity.”

Currently, Vulva Nut can only be pre-ordered for collection, but Evie hopes it can eventually be added to their mail service.

All of Doehouse Bakehouse’s delicious pastries can be found here, where delivery and pre-orders are also offered.

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