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It’s Monday morning, I’ve woken up and accepted reality – it’s the start of the work week, but labor hasn’t started yet and I need something special to change my mood.

Some might opt ​​for toast or cereal, but I choose a controversial alternative; a donut with jam. You put jam on your toast, how is a donut different?

Made from dough, coated in sugar and with a burst of your favorite jam inside, it’s the perfect way to seize the day and next to your morning coffee or tea, it’s ideal .

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Granted, I don’t tend to eat donuts for breakfast 7 days a week, but if the option is there, who am I to say no?

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it a happy meal and ditch that sad bowl of cereal or those beans on toast.

Jam Donuts provide everything you need for your morning meal; yeast, jam and a pinch of sugar, all while leaving you with a smile on your face.

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Of course it’s up to you if you want to venture a bit further into the world of glazed breakfast donuts – personally I wouldn’t recommend it as it’s sugar overload and not as good as the classic jam-packed sweet treat staple.

As a self-proclaimed ‘donut connoisseur’, I know all the ins and outs of what makes a good sweet breakfast and if his donut is Swansea related – chances are I know.

We sent our passionate donut journalist Rhodri Harrison on a mission – to find the best that money can buy.

There are so many choices

However, with many supermarkets all having their own take on what is arguably one of your five a day (come on – jam???) – some do it better than others and a few would do better to avoid.

Thousands of calories later, a sick feeling in my stomach, a sugar rush and a near spill of jam in the car – I’ve found the best supermarket donut.


“The King”, as I like to describe him. When I get jam donuts in my weekly shop – ‘Healthy’ is my choice because I’ve never found a supermarket treat that comes close.

Walking into the store shortly before 11am, I was looking forward to a late breakfast that would help fuel me up for the day. Their price of £1 for five is good value and enough to last a full working week – if you’re ok with a slightly stale donut towards the end.

By biting into the soft, lightly sugar-coated snack, you get sweet apple and raspberry jam in every bite, ensuring you savor every bite.

Where to eat near you:

With most chains having their own bakeries, expectations are high and they certainly deliver jam donuts on the front, but the cream donut is questionable.

One look at the nutritional information, however, makes me regret that I signed up for this article, because 326 calories per donut makes me realize that even one donut a day might not be the smartest idea. healthy or the wisest.

I would inhale the contents of the bag in one sitting, easily.

Questioning my breakfast donut philosophy, I continued my quest to find the best.

Rating: 8/10

Sainsbury’s Jam Donut


As I ventured not so far across the road to the newly opened Aldi supermarket in Tawe Park I wondered what to expect in terms of donuts as I rarely choose the store when shopping weekly.

What I found was a scandal. No bakery and little choice when it comes to the best sweets money can buy.

No jam donuts of any kind were offered at the store, which disappointed me as I tried to look through my foggy glasses – anyone who wears glasses with a mask can attest to this pain.

I decided to see what donuts looked like, if they could compete a bit with a classic jam donut – after all, they are a staple in America.

Mistakes were made, however. The frosting was about what you paid for with an unhealthy taste as I had trouble eating it all, the batter or base felt more raw.

I certainly wasn’t a fan, especially for 95p, but at least they tried.

Rating: 5/10

The Aldi donut looks like it belongs on a hit TV show


A hard hit for lunch with its very popular bakery option but also a paradise of sweets with its selection of pastries, breads and biscuits all prepared daily.

The powdered sugar and jam donuts were by far the most aesthetically pleasing to look at on the shelf.

35p for one or three for £1 price make these the most expensive so far, but they did feel ‘big’ and chunky which may have justified the price.

Biting into the donut leaves you covered in powdered sugar, or in my case, my car seats went from gray to white in seconds when other customers noticed a random 27-year-old feasting on donuts in the parking.

Unfortunately, it missed the mark with its jam-to-dough ratio and was seriously lacking in taste when it came to the interior itself.

It needed a dose of healthier jam and more flavor, overall it was pretty minimal.

Rating: 6/10

It is best to watch


Heard good things about the Morrisons donut, expectations were high and any supermarket that has a bakery should have good options.

Approaching the bakery section, I was overwhelmed with donuts galore. Ringed donuts, jam donuts, mini donuts, and even custard donuts (which is, again, debatable).

Deciding to go for raspberry filling over strawberry for just 69p for 5 of God’s greatest creations – you can’t go wrong with an absolute bargain.

Only 198 calories too, probably the “healthy” choice when it comes to treats.

It was reasonable, a light and fluffy donut with a tasty filling but I wanted more of the jam.

It wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked and I found myself not wanting to go back for more, that’s never a good indicator.

I was impressed though, as it was my first try of the brand.

Rating: 7/10

The Morrisons donut


Food specialists with their rooms scattered across Wales, this branch had a bakery and cafe.

They are certainly not specialists in donuts, with their minimal amount of jam in their dense snack, for the price of £1 – definitely avoid.

I had high expectations as I opened the bright pink paper bag and inhaled a sweet aroma of the contents, but it seemed like a bad attempt.

Sorely lacking in jam and with a dry batter, the only saving grace was the actual taste of the jam which was sweet, but again that just left you wishing there was more.

The jam was also heavily on one side of the donut, leaving your mouth dry as you tried to devour the rest. It was just lacking on all fronts; size, flavor, sugar, color.

It certainly wouldn’t make me happy if I had it for breakfast.

The M&S donut

Rating: 6/10


Another supermarket brand that has dived into as many options as possible when it comes to its bakery and such was the case with donuts.

Krispy Kreme, available in store, was easy to avoid – it’s overhyped, expensive, and I suspect often sits in that container too long, not to mention there’s no jam donut – disappointing.

Elsewhere, shelves are overflowing with round, chocolate, glazed, mini and even Berliner donuts – a German style that is often mistaken for a jam donut, as one reviewer mentioned when noticing a number of low ratings on his website.

A pack of four jam donuts for 80p is very reasonable, but opening the pack reveals the actual quality.

In what looks like it was made in a lab, three injected holes in the center of the donut show where the jam is but leave the majority of the treat empty.

The slightly sweet snack is reasonable and the jam is fruity, but again the ratio to the dough is poor, there is simply a better option.

Rating: 7/10

A sad tesco donut

Breakfast for the week sorted

So my mission to find the best supermarket treat is complete.

Waking up tomorrow will be a sweet feeling, a good cup of coffee to start the day with a jam donut.

After eating nearly 2,500 calories and struggling to keep down the last donut of the day, I pondered my decision to find the best supermarket treat and regretted it.

Sainsbury’s is still king for me, though.

One man’s jam toast is another man’s jam donut. They are the same.

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