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Goods from Many Bakery & Cafe

Vancouver, BC | Make it a sweet Valentine’s Day this year with the Heart Beats collection from Lots Bakery (2150 Fir Street). Available to pre-order online for pick-up from February 11-14, 2022, the lineup is inspired by classic candy pairings with a twist, including You’re My Butter Half caramel and popcorn pie, Duet of two large hearts and artistic creations. in the shape of chocolate and Slow Jams candies.

Additionally, the team has partnered with boutique florist The Flower Petaler to offer long-stemmed red roses over Valentine’s Day weekend at the cafe. Customers who pre-order the entire Heart Beats collection will also receive a free signature rose.

“Sweets and treats are a Valentine’s Day staple, and this year we wanted to showcase classic flavor pairings by making them fun and unexpected,” says Betty Hung, co-owner of Many Bakery with her brother. Jacky Hung. “For example, butter, popcorn and caramel are the ultimate sweet and salty combination. There’s no such thing as PB&J! And there are so many things you can create with hazelnuts and chocolates.

Bakery Lots Heartbeat Collection is now available for online pre-order at for pick-up Friday, February 11 through February 14, 2022. Limited items may also be available for walk-in customers. The complete collection includes:

You are my half of butter ($18), a 5″ round financier tartlet with salted butter caramel, Opalys butter popcorn mousse, popcorn coated in white chocolate and crispy cornflakes.

Duo ($19), featuring two 3″ hearts, crispy hazelnut praline and passion fruit milk chocolate ganache.

Slow jams ($28), including a 12-piece candy box in two flavors – Peanut Butter Duja with Honey and Strawberry Vanilla.

“I often listen to music when I’m looking for creative inspiration, so we’ve chosen a musical theme for Valentine’s Day this year,” adds Betty.

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