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A body-positive bakery that makes self-explanatory baked goods has created a strawberry-glazed donut — shaped like a vagina.

Managing director Evie Jackson, of Blackburn, said her team at Doe Bakehouse originally created the sweet “vulva nut” to celebrate a customer who comes out as a lesbian.

But the bakery, which has stores across the north, had since made the donut available to all of its customers.

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He has previously made baked goods in the shape of boobs and penises.

The new donut – loaded with flesh pink icing, strawberry lace, a prominent heart and multicolored sprinkles around the edge – costs £7 each.

And Evie, 29, said it was a way to break the taboo around women’s genitals.

Evie Jackson, from Blackburn

She said: “People think it’s taboo but it’s absolutely not, it’s just a body part.

“In fact, people are now really body positive. So, celebrate! Put it in a donut shape. Laugh – why not?

“We’re not afraid to do something that a certain generation might say ‘it’s outrageous’.”

Evie, who started the chain in 2019 with her brother and master baker Jack, said the “vulva-nut” has received a great reception since its release last Monday (January 17).

She said: “The majority are positive but there are always people who don’t understand.

“There’s a big feminist push, so there’s a lot of feminists saying, great! It’s not something we should be afraid of.

“We really like it because we are a women-led company. So we get behind it all.

“It’s part of your body – it’s about making people think differently, and it’s also sparking conversations online.”

She and her team created the donut after a customer asked for a treat to celebrate her daughter becoming a lesbian.

A close up image of the created donut in the shape of a vagina with pink icing, strawberry laces and sprinkles
The donut was created for a customer who wanted to celebrate her daughter’s coming out as a lesbian

Evie said: ‘We received an email from a lady saying her daughter has come out as a lesbian and she would like to celebrate.

“The lady had said, ‘I feel like you might be the kind of people who might try to do this for us. “We thought why not? So we tried.

“Now people order them for all sorts of reasons. We have midwives, some people order them for fun, hen parties – all kinds.

Evie, a former PE teacher, said the bakery wasn’t sure what body part the bakery would tackle next, but there was potential for “all kinds”.

She said, “I don’t know what the hell we could get into. But there is potential for all kinds.

“We make all kinds of donuts – you could have your name in a donut.

“We are also looking to post the vulva donuts as we have a postal service on our website.

“But we think they might be too tricky to post, ironically, but we’ll try. We’ll see if we can get them across the country.

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