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Do you have an upcoming function or meeting? Prepare this creamy chicken vol-au-vent recipe. It’s a delicate pastry with a mouth-watering chicken filling.

Wondering what the meaning of “vol-au-vent” is? It’s French for baked puff pastry. This translates to “blown by the wind”. This describes the feathery lightness of the paste. The combination of this delicate pastry with a delicious chicken and bacon filling is very appetizing. One bite and you will be tempted to taste a second chicken vol-au-vent.

Preparing these delicate snacks will take less than an hour of your time if you are used to making pastry snacks. If this is your first time trying this baking recipe, it may take a little longer. However, the result is worth every minute you spend on it. And afterwards, you will have a “go-to” pastry recipe.

These vol-au-vent chicken bites are perfect for garnishing a platter. Serve this tasty dish at home when you have guests over or take it with you to a get-together. And don’t be surprised if your board is empty first. Let us know in the comments to this recipe if you plan on making this recipe.

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