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Discussion with my wife.

“Fancy a bite to eat at Tim Hortons later”?

She responds with “Who is Tim Horton?”

I reply: “Apparently he was a legend of the National Hockey League, of Canada.”

She looks at me a little annoyed. It was a really confusing start to the day…

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All new for Broughton

However, the rest of North Wales were delighted to hear that the Canadian restaurant chain was taking over a vacant unit in Broughton Shopping Park.

In fact, it’s located right next to another famous fast food joint (the one with the golden arches).

Founded in Canada in 1964, there are currently 32 Tim Hortons restaurants in the UK, and now you can finally add North Wales to that list.

Famous for its strong coffee and donuts, Tim Hortons looks shiny and new in Broughton, with its sign glinting in the sun the day we visited.

Tim Hortons in Broughton, shortly after it opened to the public

There are staff outside clearly identified in their Tim Hortons uniforms handing out flyers with various promotions.

One was breakfast for £2.49, served daily until 11am. Wow. It is cheap.

Inside, the restaurant is open, with plenty of space between the tables.

The restaurant has quite high ceilings and lots of window space which makes it feel much bigger than it is.

Some chairs are of the lounge variety, giving the place a slight café culture vibe, while others are more of the traditional fast food kind.

The menu and donuts galore

As you walk up to the counter, one thing catches your eye: the delicious smell of donuts.

Regular donuts, fancy donuts, donuts drizzled with cream – they’re all lined up on the counter, seeking your attention.

They caught my full attention.

There are also muffins, bagels, and other baked goods displayed. But they don’t look like those mouth-watering donuts.

You order using one of those giant self-service screens that give you a handy list of all the options.

If you visit between opening and 11:00 a.m., you can order any of the many breakfast items including muffins, stacks, wraps, and bagels – with too many combinations I can list here.

After 11am you can order from their meal menu which includes items such as burgers, wraps and hot dogs.

We order two breakfasts as it seems like a good deal.

The breakfast meal – our verdict

My wife is all-Canadian with her choice of “Maple Bacon Pancake Meal” which offered two round American buttermilk type pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup.

The presentation inside the box was a bit messy with the bacon a bit overdone. However, she liked the contrast between the sweet maple syrup and the salty streaky slices.

A breakfast including bacon, pancakes, maple syrup and hash browns at Tim Hortons in Broughton
A breakfast including bacon, pancakes, maple syrup and hash browns at Tim Hortons in Broughton

It came with two hard browns that were flat and soggy, with no crunchy exterior.

She liked the latte which was better than the usual fast food standard but was still a bit disappointed.

I went for breakfast with bagels, sausage, mashed eggs and cheese in two slices of toast.

It was ok for the price I guess, but I’m not sure I’ll order it again.

I haven’t had any harsh browns with mine. But I didn’t really miss that much, it seems.

Bagel lunch meal at Tim Hortons in Broughton
Bagel lunch meal at Tim Hortons in Broughton

I ordered a chocolate and orange milkshake with my meal which was an extra 50p and topped with whipped cream.

It was so cold I ended up with an ice cream headache – which I haven’t had in years – but it was delicious and full of calories (to be fair, they print the calorie count at side of each meal and drink) .

Donuts to die for

We of course couldn’t leave without sampling the donuts, which all looked awfully good.

It was my turn to go Canadian with my choice of maple and caramel donut. They cost £2.99 each, which is oddly more than breakfast, but well worth it.

There were delicious chunks of maple fudge on top, drizzled with syrup and filled with chocolate sauce.

My wife had the cookie dough donut which was equally rich and decadent with bits of chewy dough fudge on top.

Donuts at Tim Hortons in Broughton
Donuts at Tim Hortons in Broughton

There was an army of workers here, either cleaning the room or preparing the food in a very organized and well-oiled way.

So now we have our very first Tim Hortons in North Wales, and judging by the cars lining up for the drive-thru, it’s going to be popular.

The stars of the show here are the donuts, my favorite being the Canadian Maple Donut.

The breakfast meals were a little disappointing but at this price I guess you can’t complain.

  • Vibe – Very busy especially near the counter
  • Car park – Parking with direct access
  • Disabled access – Full disabled access
  • A service – Organized like a well-oiled machine
  • Globally – Donuts are the star of the show here


Tim Hortons

Broughton Business Park

Introduced on


The prices

  • Bacon and maple pancake meal €2.49
  • Bacon and Egg Bagel Meal €2.49
  • Maple and caramel donut €2.99
  • Donut cookie dough €2.99
  • Orange Chocolate Shake 50p

Total: £11.46

Opening time: 6 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.

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