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Canadian coffee and pastry giant Tim hortons, praised for its confectionery treats such as Timbits (delicious donut holes), donuts, all-day breakfasts, and fabulous coffee, extends to Houston. Tim Hortons originally broke the Houston news with an ad during the Houston Texans Sunday game featuring celebrity Justin Bieber and the announcement the new Timbits “Timbiebs”.

Founded in 1949 by the star of the National Hockey League Tim horton, the chain started in Ontario, Canada. It was taken over in 1974 by Ron joyce after the death of Horton. The restaurant’s iconic Timbits were introduced in 1976 and the chain has grown rapidly. By 2000, the company had opened 2,000 restaurants across Canada.

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

The Canadian King of Coffee announced in a press release on Monday, December 13 that the first Texas Tim Hortons will open in Houston in the summer of 2022, although multiple locations are planned. “When determining where to take our coffees next, Houston has proven to present significant growth opportunities. »Said the regional president Ricardo Azevedo. More importantly, Azevedo noted, the company was keen to expand to Houston because of the city’s “friendly hospitality, unique culture, and strong sense of community”.

This is not Tim Hortons’ first foray into the US market. The coffee chain has more than 600 locations in the United States, primarily in Michigan, Ohio and New York.

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