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Five of the best restaurants to try at Camden Market Hawley Wharf – including a slightly bizarre creation or two

Camden Market Hawley Wharf is London’s new hotspot for foodies

Calling all foodies … London’s latest foodie destination, Camden Market Hawley Wharf, is packed with fresh and exciting food from around the world.

From pink and blue burgers to extra-long donuts and juicy Afghan kebabs, these menus are sure to be mouth-watering and liven up any Instagram feed.

Hawley Wharf is the newest development overlooking Regent’s Canal with all kinds of interesting places to eat, drink and shop.

Our partner site 2Chill has put together five must-see spots in Hawley Wharf for people to try.

And they include some weird but appetizing creations.

I love hamburgers

Add some color to your life at I Love Burger in Camden Market Hawley Wharf


I love hamburgers)

Who Said Hamburger Buns Have To Be Beige? Fight the winter blues with the prettiest colorful burger buns, sure to brighten up even the darkest days.

I love hamburgers as good as it looks, with succulent Beyond Meat fried chicken, beef and vegan burgers sandwiched between buns baked in natural food coloring.

Starting at just £ 7.50, you can personalize your bright burgers with all of your favorite toppings.

The black cow

America Meets Middle East at The Black Cow at Camden Market Hawley Wharf


Instagram / The Black Cow)

Based on the concept of the Hebrew phrase “לפתוח שולחן”, or “opening a table” to our guests, The Black Cow offers a unique Middle Eastern steakhouse experience.

Their ultimate comfort food, Casha, combines a light, peeled brick dough with a melt-in-the-mouth spicy pulled steak, Monterey Jack cheese, soft-boiled eggs, and harissa and truffle – for just £ 13.

The black cow only serves 100% farm-fed British beef that is grass-fed, traceable and sustainable.


It’s #notroundhere at Longboys in Camden Market Hawley Wharf


Instagram / Longboys)

The days may be getting shorter, but donuts are getting longer at Longboys.

To give a boring look to traditional round donuts, Longboys combines a lighter brioche base with fresh toppings, such as raspberry pink lychee and pandan coconut, to create a donut that is long in flavor and short in sweetness.

Longboys have an ever-changing menu with new favorites every month.

They have vegan, dairy free, and nut free options to keep everyone happy. And wherever possible, their ingredients are sustainable and ethical.

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2 cooking guys

2 Lads Kitchen brings the streets of Afghan London to Camden Market Hawley Wharf


2 cooking guys)

2 cooking guys brings authentic Afghan street food and its famous Afghan wrap to the heart of Camden.

Wrapped with juicy skewers of lamb tenderloins or grilled chicken thighs grilled over charcoal, wrapped in fresh clay Afghan naan and served with seasoned potatoes, mixed salad, secret green sauce and a fresh black pepper yogurt, the wrap has a cult following across town.


Matcha made in Heaven in Tsujiri at Camden Market Hawley Wharf



Tsujiri is a dessert tea house specializing in all matcha. From ice cream to coffees with milk, via bubble tea and mochi.

Their matcha latte with kuromitsu warabi mochi is an all-time favorite with brown sugar totori and cassava starch.

Not only does latte taste like a warm hug, it also looks stunning on Instagram.

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