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“A treat like this is perfect for any occasion because it takes a little time, a little care, a little love,” says Anna Olson of one of the many delicious desserts, candies, cakes. and pastries she prepares in Anna’s occasions. It’s a series where the popular chef and baker shares recipes for special moments: everything from a family reunion to a backyard wedding. Some are whimsical, some are simple, some are quick and some require some planning in advance, to allow the cakes or frosting to cool, but they’re all made with that little bit of love!

They also raise the question of who throws the edge pieces ??! (Read on. See if you agree with us and Olson, that edge pieces are glory and should never be thrown away.)

Here are some important points:

Cake sprinkled with confetti

“Sprinkles! It’s a word that always makes people smile, kids and adults alike, ”Olson says of this striking birthday cake. Underneath that silky frosting is a lush white velvet cake with colorful sprinkles throughout. She’s making this one on an episode of Kid’s Party, but we think she’s right when she says adults will love a confetti-sprinkled cake, too.

Spring donuts

“There’s so much to love about spring, brighter colors, fresher flavors and so many opportunities to celebrate,” says Olson, who devotes one episode of the series to Perfect Spring Recipes, d ‘a burfi besan and no-bake cheesecake to these: “My fluffy baked lemon donuts, oh so light and delicious.” The zesty secret of these is to mix the fresh lemon zest into the sugar, so that the fragrant citrus oil comes out of the zest. In fact, do these two secrets: Using cornstarch with flour creates a wonderfully chewy and tender donut, says Olson.

Wedding cake no. 1 (aka a stack of slices for any special occasion)

There are two marriage-themed episodes in the series. The first is a casual wedding – although these sweet pastries would suit a wide variety of gatherings. “If you are cooking for a more casual celebration, a backyard wedding, your desserts can be fun and fun,” says Olson. And here’s a wedding cake with a playful twist: a three-tiered stack of marshmallows, chocolate and cookies, based on that American fireside favorite, s’mores. Usually a toasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers, here the s’more is reinvented as a pastry, a rich combination of mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, cookies and fudge filling. Aside from the delight, this one has an added appeal as it’s a great make-ahead dessert – you can bake and cool the “cake” layers several days before serving. It makes a great appetizer-style dessert for any large gathering (we repeat big – if you cut it into bite-size pieces it will serve 80-100; of course you can make a quarter or half a batch for a smaller occasion. ). Oh and one last vital piece of information … when you cut your baked “cakes” into neat squares, ready to build your three tier s’mores cake, you’ll end up with edge pieces. “Don’t throw away leftovers, they’re delicious!” Olson said.

Pink lemonade cupcakes, with a clever frosting

Another recipe from the casual wedding episode, these vibrant cupcakes – “my pink lemonade cupcakes, they’re playful and delicious, and they’re easy to make too,” says Olson – are topped with a striped swirl of cream lush buttery. And she’s right, this whirlwind looks awesome and maybe difficult – but it’s not. It’s made with a cool little frosting technique: Olson makes this variegated swirl by placing six rows of colored buttercream on plastic wrap, rolling it up, and placing it all in a pastry bag. And why are we called pink lemonade? It’s a reference to the pink tinted dough, but you can change the color of the cupcakes and frosting to suit any occasion.

The cake that looks like a giant chocolate chip cookie

In the episode of the child’s birthday party, Olson shares two cakes “that will delight the child in all of us”. One is the confetti-sprinkled cake above and the other is her next: her chocolate chip layered cake. “If your little one loves chocolate chip cookies as much as I love chocolate chip cookies, well, this chocolate chip layered cake will be the ultimate birthday cake,” said Olson. A chocolate chip cake is covered with a fudge filling and topped with a Swiss brown sugar buttercream, creating the appearance of a chocolate chip cookie. Olson uses some of this rich buttercream to form rosettes on the cake, then finishes things off with a dozen mini chocolate chip cookies.

Wedding cake no. 2

If you are looking for a fancy cake for a wedding or other important occasions, then this star from the other wedding episode will do the job wonderfully: Olson’s classic wedding cake is a fluffy and tender walnut cake. coconut and lime covered with a white chocolate cream. cheese frosting. “I love the look of a classic wedding cake, but to me the cake on the inside is as important as the cake on the outside,” says Olson. And she put a subtle touch on both. “This wedding cake might look classic, but we’ve already baked an interesting and innovative cake on the inside with my coconut and lime layers and .. for the frosting, on that too I go around a bit. the rules.” Instead of a conventional Swiss or Italian buttercream, she uses white chocolate cream cheese frosting. “Oh, accompanied by a coconut and lime cake, the guests will be singing. They will get up and dance, I know that! ” she says.

Pretty pink daifuku

“I first learned how to make mochi and daifuku from my sister-in-law, Michino. We made a strawberry version together, and since then I’ve been hooked,” says Olson. “The difference between mochi and daifuku is one thing: the filling! Daifuku is a mochi that has a sweet filling, often a red bean paste … Here I am mixing crushed freeze-dried strawberries with red bean paste … Delicious! ” His strawberry daifuku features in an episode devoted to romantic desserts (others include hot chocolate and hazelnut brownies with fudge sauce and white chocolate mousse cake).

Cream cheese is the secret to these simple lemon squares

A shortbread base plays the supporting role here, underpinning the show’s star, a creamy and tangy lemon garnish. Cream cheese is the secret to this rich and dense filling. Once cooked and cut, these cream cheese squares can be stored in the refrigerator for four to five days. These feature in an episode where Olson shares recipes for family reunions. “What I think makes a lemon square so popular with a crowd is the fact that it packs such a great lemon flavor in such a small bite. The acidity of the lemon, the The creaminess of the cream cheese and of course the sweetness, all on a shortbread crust I know you will be a hit when you whip them up for your next family celebration, “said Olson.

Look for Anna to bake all of this and more (from a fun “waffle cake” to tiramisu cheesecake, muffins, salted caramel cake, and decorated sugar cookies) in this 10-part series. And for more party cake ideas, check out SBS Food’s Cakes for Crowds collection of recipes.