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SCertainly the invention of something round like the wheel was important for human evolution, but don’t count the donut as a small (round) step for humanity. Arrived in town nearly a year ago, Ocean Shores Donuts is becoming a popular stop for locals and tourists alike on a mission to satisfy their craving for a sweet snack.

Located on Ocean Shores Boulevard across from two of the larger resort hotels in the seaside town, this little store is tucked away in a small strip mall and easy to miss if you don’t follow your nose carefully. In fact, it’s so easy to miss that it prompted owner Robyn Holt to put up three “OPEN” neon signs to grab attention and direct people to her delicious treats.

When you enter the shop and walk to a display case filled with an impressive assortment of donuts, you realize that there are few flavors as delicious as freshly baked donuts. In addition to the store’s best sellers, which include a Bavarian cream, a French cruller (which Robyn says tastes like eating a cloud) and an apple beignet covered in an apple pie filling, the display case features also classics like maple bars, jelly-filled rolls and old-fashioned donuts. And if that’s not enough, the shop also sells an assortment of sprinkle-covered donuts (known in the baking industry as Jimmies), as well as a variety of irresistible donut toppings that fill the shop with color. catchy. When asked why she offers such a variety of donut choices, Robyn thoughtfully replies, “Everyone needs different types of donuts at different times of the day…or for different reasons.”

Owner Robyn Holt shows off a platter of freshly baked maple bars. Photo credit: Carola Filmer

Robyn loves connecting with her community through every donut she bakes. Maybe it’s because baking brings her back to her childhood memories of hours spent in the kitchen cooking with her father, who favored desserts. When she mentioned to her mom that she was opening a donut shop in Ocean Shores, she was surprised (and thrilled) to find out that it was an unfulfilled dream that her parents had shared for a long time. Today, she is honored to make their dream come true and cook what she describes as “happy, fun food”, with the added bonus of working side-by-side with her son and two other partners, all committed to a positive customer experience. “I love seeing the excitement of people as they walk in and seeing the variety of donuts displayed in my window,” Robyn shares. “It’s especially rewarding when they try a new donut flavor and love it!”

Her journey to opening a donut shop in Ocean Shores began over 30 years ago when she left Southern California and moved to Washington. Settling in the city of Auburn, it’s no surprise that Robyn’s career path has included working in a variety of restaurants and bakeries, as well as a 10-year stint working as a helper. -nurse. During this time she visited the beach from time to time and four years ago she decided to make Ocean Shores her home. “I fell in love with Ocean Shores and call it ‘Little Mayberry’ because all the people are friendly and you really get to know your neighbors,” says Robyn. “I don’t miss the wider city life where people are strangers and not connected to each other.”

While donut shops are a staple of many people’s morning routine, for those looking for a snack who just aren’t a fan of donuts (really?), the shop also offers a classic breakfast croissant, Danish pastries and a variety of muffins that all go together. great with freshly brewed coffee or tea. And if you really want to go the extra mile in your support of Ocean Shores Donuts, the shop sells a fun donut and beach-themed t-shirt in a variety of sizes and colors.

Glazed cake donuts are a local favorite and pair well with freshly brewed coffee or tea from Oceans Shores Donuts. Photo credit: Carola Filmer

As new customers discover the shop, they are delighted to learn that there is no minimum donuts. You can buy one, a dozen or as many donuts as you need for your meeting or occasion. Regular customers learn to share flavor ideas with Robyn, which she is working to incorporate into her menu, such as a recent suggestion for a key lime pie flavored donut. And future customers learn (sometimes the hard way) that if you’re a traditional cake donut fan, jelly aficionado, or like your maple bass with bacon, you better get to Ocean Shores Donuts early. , because once they sell out…they close the store for the day.

You can follow them on the Ocean Shores Facebook page or visit the shop, where the little donut donut is sure to make you hungry if you aren’t already!

Ocean Shores Donuts
676 Ocean Shores Boulevard, Suite #2, Ocean Shores
Thursday – Monday: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. or while donuts last

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