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Publication date: November 20, 2021

Advertising deadline: November 5, 2021

Submission deadline: October 29, 2021

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Savory pies and meat snacks had a decent year. Sales in value are up 6.5%, with volumes up 4.1%. The average price even dropped from £ 1.61 to £ 1.65 per pack. But will consumer enthusiasm for the category continue as health issues loom on the horizon? Will suppliers adapt their products to make healthier pies, sausage rolls and Scottish eggs? And can plant-based alternatives to traditional dishes make a difference?

Work at home : The pandemic appears to have moved work permanently to people’s homes, with many office jobs taking a hybrid form. More time at home means more time for elaborate meals and less reason to have another bland sandwich. So how can meat pies and snacks benefit from this change in lunch time? Will pies turn out to be mouthwatering centerpieces? And what role will snacking play?

Own brand vs brand: The own brand remains dominant in savory pastries compared to the brand, being 160% larger. Still, the brand saw greater growth last year with an 11.7% increase in value from 4.7%. What causes the most excitement about brand name pies? And how will the balance evolve over the next year?

Price : The dynamics of the pandemic have had a mixed effect on savory pastries. While promotions were cut early in the crisis to keep products on the shelves, overall a higher share of spending comes from promotions. With questions lingering over supply chain shortages, can we expect the average £ 1.65 per price pack to hold up?

Herbal: Meatless alternatives to the traditional Cornish pâté and sausage roll have taken off in recent years. What new products can we expect to see in this category as suppliers respond to this new demand?

Ready to go: The return of people to the outside world is good news for convenience stores and restaurants alike. But what effect has the lockdown had on our enthusiasm for freshly baked sausage rolls? Are we all heading back to Greggs for another vegan sausage roll or for some hot meat snacks at specialty supermarket stores?

Marketing: Traders have found new ways to market meat snacks. Earlier this year, Peperami refreshed its brand, placing more emphasis on nutritional benefits. Is this the way forward for the category? And what else do we try?

News: Four new products or product lines that didn’t appear in The Grocer including launch date, rsp, high-res image