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Commuting can be a drag, and that’s part of why downtown is full of goodies (and plenty of caffeine stops) to enhance those long days at the office.

While many office workers have spent the last year and a half zooming in remotely, with the imminent return of professionals to empty skyscrapers, some downtown businesses want to help make the transition as smooth as possible, by especially with the culinary landscape surrounding Times Square. a lot since the start of the pandemic.

One such business is the iconic Parisian bakery Wonderful of Fred (aka Aux Merveilleux de Fred)which just opened its new downtown New York flagship store at 1001 Sixth Ave.

From Monday, October 18, the pastry shop will offer free pastries for breakfast to welcome downtown workers! And yes, be like the French and take an extended break with a free breakfast basket filled with artisanal croissants and brioches, all home-baked.

You could share and be the most popular person in your business, or just accumulate them because, well, the work takes a long time.

To claim your free goodies, pre-order the “Free Breakfast Basket” in line. You can also add a “fresh out of the oven” option (at an additional cost) which includes the wonderful buttery pastry fresh from Fred’s working bakery. Add a lunch sandwich or an entire platter (vegetarian options available) to maintain your office popularity.

Pickup and delivery is available from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays, but if you stop by the bakery, not only will you be treated to some really amazing smells, but you can also add caffeine or hot chocolate. Oh dear!