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A Round Rock ice cream store has closed for good, leaving customers saddened by the loss of a family gathering place.

Front Porch Frozen Desserts, at 3107 Interstate 35 South, Suite 770, served its last customers on September 26 after opening in 2013.

Front Porch director Daniel Hoxmeier said the shutdown came after a loss of customers since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and a family health issue this year.

“We stood firm and hoped that someone would buy the store so that Front Porch could continue to operate, but that did not happen and at this point our family is no longer able to continue running the business, “Hoxmeier wrote in a statement. September 21 Facebook post. “On the night of March 2020, we lost more than half of our turnover, and things have not improved this year.”

On the last day, the frozen dessert shop served up 50% off mugs to thank customers.

“My kids and I have really enjoyed coming to their facility for years,” said Round Rock resident Mollie Fohn. “It was always a sweetness and an irreplaceable time spent with them. I thank them for being part of our family memories.”

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The family-owned frozen dessert shop offered ice cream, yogurt, ice cream, custard and non-dairy options with 21 flavors and over 70 toppings.

On its last day of operation, Front Porch Frozen Desserts served up 50% off cups as a thank you to its customers.

“We had no experience running a restaurant and my parents had dreamed of opening a bookstore for a long time, but somehow they ended up in a frozen dessert shop,” Hoxmeier said. “It has really been a family affair that started almost a year before we even opened. My sister Christine worked as Assistant Director from Opening Day until 2018. Our whole family spent months planning, designing, purchasing materials, cleaning up the dirt on the wood that now lines the wall, choosing the right one. brick, have friends paint custom artwork and make all of our wood tables by hand, research dozens of trims and suppliers, and so on. ”

The residents of Round Rock took the time to share their love and memories of the restaurant.

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“I was saddened to hear the store closing,” said Linda Pena. “My family has celebrated many milestones in their store and found themselves having to come in several times after school or after church on Sundays. We even had a few Girl Scout meetings in their store. We always had. a great experience in their store and they will miss it. “

The family business Front Porch Frozen Desserts closed its doors for good on September 26.

“It’s so sad to see them go,” said Lance Luevanos. “I took my girlfriend here for the first time we had a date and it made it memorable. It was a great environment and great treats.”

“Until COVID-19, we took our kids to Front Porch after the first day of school,” Cathy Porras said. “We visited many more times but after the first day of school this was where they always wanted to go. It was such a special place.”


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