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It’s the disgusting moment when huge RATS were caught on camera crawling over fresh pastries at Sainsbury’s as the supermarket promises to investigate.

Videographer Anthony Mitson captured the gruesome clip of two rats crawling on a butter croissant discovered in an unknown Sainsbury’s supermarket.


Huge RATS were caught on camera crawling over fresh pastriesCredit: Instagram, anthonymitson

The creatures quickly move away when they notice Anthony – scurrying behind the support with an open forehead.

The appalling clip quickly gained attention online – with stunned shoppers saying “it’s over with supermarket bakeries.”

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said the supermarket chain “is immediately investigating the store”.

One viewer wrote: “Nooooooon. See, that’s why I can’t eat at these open-ended pastries. It’s disgusting.”

Another Twitter user added: “This video is a perfect example of why supermarkets need to stop selling baked goods like this one.

“It’s not just the rats, it’s also the flies.”

One customer said he “didn’t think he could buy bakery items in bulk anymore.”

In 2016, supermarket giant Asda was fined £ 664,000 after an in-store bakery had to be closed for ten days due to a potentially fatal mouse infestation.

In one year, the retailer’s own pest controlers visited the store 72 times due to the vermin plague

But after a customer ate cheese buns covered in mouse droppings, local environmental health officials and the chain shut down the bakery for ten days in September last year.

Mouse poo has been found in sacks of flour, food wrappers, bread carts and a production area inside the dirty bakery at the Park Royal branch in west London.

A frozen mouse was found at the entrance to the walk-in freezer and staff had left traps and bait boxes strewn on the ground, the Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court heard.

Asda admitted four counts of violating the Food Safety Act, including failure to keep premises clean, failure to ensure that adequate procedures are in place to control pests, putting on the market for unsuitable food and the construction of premises that have failed to control pests.

The rats quickly ran away


The rats quickly ran awayCredit: Instagram, anthonymitson

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