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Pastries. A simple sweet or savory treat you can guarantee you can pick up within five minutes no matter where you are in town.

I am obsessed with them. I could probably eat them every day and it does sometimes.

From a classic pain au chocolat at my local Sainsbury’s to an indulgent chocolate-hazelnut croissant at good old Gail’s, they’re my weakness.

Every time I enjoy a new pastry, I am in awe, and there really are some gems of bakeries around London that offer incredible variations.

With a growing list of places I wanted to try and my cravings never disappearing, I decided it was time to fulfill my duty as a pastry lover to find the best. Once again, a real piece of investigative journalism.

Reading online (and of course tracking social media) one place kept popping up. Reviews on Google called it ‘out of this world’ and ‘heavenly’ and trust me, I can now confirm that they were not lying.

Nestled in a small street between Leicester Square and Covent Garden, Arôme Bakery was founded by French pastry chef Alix André and famous Singaporean restaurateur Ellen Chew.

Using French cooking techniques and an enthusiasm for Asian ingredients, they bake fresh, seasonal pastries every day and they are absolutely amazing.

Just scroll through their Instagram I was mouth watering and it became my top priority to get there. After their brief hiatus at the end of summer (AKA a painful wait for me) the time finally came and it was like Christmas morning.

LOOK at this texture

As I walked enthusiastically around the corner of The Yards, I could instantly smell the warm, sweet scent of fresh pastries hissing through the air.

Upon entering Arôme, I was greeted by the open kitchen with a counter of sparkling and perfect pastries.

I was a kid and it was my candy store, wide-eyed, I gaped and gasped in front of the starlets in the baking world, it was beautiful.

After I finished embarrassing myself in a pastry daze, I ordered three different things. The one I read the most about: Honey Butter Toast, something fruity: Pineapple & Mango Danish and the must-have for pastries: a humble croissant.

No soggy bottoms here

With shameless greed, I put my plates back and took a moment to admire them.

They almost looked like fake stage props, they were crisp and shiny and almost too good to eat.

Except that nothing is ever too good to eat. I have savored every moment of these delicacies and each deserves its own testimony for its exceptional contribution to my life as a fanatic pastry chef.

Honey butter toast

Their honey butter toast is unlike anything I have ever tried before

Wow. It was really like I had never had it before, in fact, I had no idea what it really was.

Signature at the bakery, this is essentially a very thick slice of shokupan (Japanese milk bread) coated with a delicious honey crust.

A crisp, crunchy, caramelized sort of outside of the bread cracks a bit when you bite into it, revealing the fluffiest chewiness on the inside.

Tasting almost like a sticky caramel pudding, it was sweet and divine but not sickly. Just perfect.

Simply put, it was amazing. Not your most traditional ‘pastry’ offering, but an incredible bakery offering. I just know I’m going to want this for the rest of my life. Honestly, it’s worth the cost too (all prices are lower if you take them).

Price: £ 4.30

The croissant

Exactly what the inside of a crescent should look like

Oh the croissant, the simplest choice of pastries. Yet still a work of art.

The Aroma offering was deliciously flaky and buttery and so sweet on the inside. It wasn’t a crispy shell with a chewy interior like some places like to offer, it was excellent.

There’s nothing fancy about a croissant, and they haven’t tried to make it into something it shouldn’t be. Basically, they’ve mastered exactly what it’s meant to be and shattered it.

Achieving this in such an impactful way without unnecessary experimentation demonstrates Arôme’s talents. They can do amazing things and good things with humility. No disappointment here.

Price: £ 2.80

Pineapple and Mango Danish

Look at this shine

Holding out for the summer, it was sweet and tropical with a shiny layer of passion fruit frosting and hints of lime zest on top.

Combinations of pungent and sweet flavors, it was juicy but not too sticky.

It could be described as a very moist filling, but the crispy dough held tight, with no sign of a soggy bottom.

I have never had a pastry like this before and I would be confident to say that this is quite a unique offering from Arôme.

I could see those cute layers that they banged so hard on Bake Off and it was deliciously designed.

Price: £ 3.90

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I’m going to put my hand up and say this has to be the best bakery I’ve ever been to in London and can’t believe it took me that long to try it.

Aroma may seem expensive at first, but I think it’s relatively the same as any other decent bakery in town. Except this one is definitely worth it.

The pastries exceeded my expectations and gave me tastes that I had never experienced before.

A latest shout out to this Honey Butter Toast because I actually think it’s a creation of magic, Londoners – you have to try it.

Simply beautiful, Arôme’s pastries are definitely “out of this world”, or at least this city I guess.

You can find Aroma bakery at 9 Mercer Street, The Yards, WC2H 9QJ.

Do you have a favorite hidden gem that you think we should know about? If so, send an email to [email protected]

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