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Conducted last month, the survey found that 34% of members polled said sales of sweet baked goods had increased in the past year.

The most popular pastries are donuts (33%) and large cakes (15%), followed by cupcakes, pastries, éclairs / choux and tarts (6%) and cookies (3%).

For 1 in 5 independent bakers, sweet bakery products now represent more than 40% of total weekly sales. For 33% of CBA members, sweet pastries contribute 20-30% of weekly sales and 30-40% of weekly sales for 24% of UK bakers.

As such, bakers strive to offer a wide range of sweet pastries. In fact, 96% said they offer more than 10 sweet treats, while 58% have more than 25 options in their range to tempt foodies.

Regarding the demand for the reduction in sugar content, the survey revealed a mixed opinion among CBA members, with 26% saying they expect the demand for these products to increase next year, but a similar number (32%) disagree with this.

The CBA has been the voice of the industry since 1887, representing around 500 bakery businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, from startups to established bakeries, which together support more than 3,000 outlets.