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Jamaican Gregory Henry has always had a unique relationship with food, full of love and flavor. But he developed even deeper after he left his country to pursue university studies in Canada. What he never saw coming was to reconnect with his roots by specializing in the making of pies.

Pot pies are the ultimate comfort food. So imagine adding a Jamaican fusion to the mix; this oasis is a mouthful. Pie Mon pot pies contain rich and flavorful ingredients like carrots, onions, beans, Scotch Bonnet pepper, thyme and more, all topped with a creamy sauce baked in a delicious pastry tasty. Boneless oxtail is sure to find the right place in terms of spice and flavor. Jerk chicken lovers have the option of ordering the pot pie in a regular or spicy version. Seafood lovers can dive right into the jerk shrimp pie. And leaving no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying appetites, he introduced jerk jackfruit pie for vegans.

“Pies are generally bland, so adding some bold and unique Jamaican flavors to them has really changed the way people see and taste the dish. The fusion aspect attracts people from all walks of life, ”he said. Food.

The absence of his family’s kitchen at home has led the enthusiast to explore all that is culinary. Watching videos online, to maintain his student budget, led him to experiment with recipes and techniques, which only fueled his thirst for knowledge. Before he knew it, he was helping himself and preparing dishes fit for a king.

The self-taught chef brought him even closer to home with his attempts to master one particular home-cooked meal: chicken pies. “Pies are nostalgic for me. I used to do them with my mother, growing up. She made a chicken pie when I was little once, and it became one of my favorite things, ”he said. Living away from her meant that his appetite no longer had access to this tasty pleasure, so he brought the comfort food to the comfort of his new home.


Added to this sentimentality is the fact that pies are part of the culture in Toronto. With this double element going hand in hand, Henry became “Pie Mon”.

“A lot of my business has to do with the convenience factor. Pies make a great snack and are enjoyed by people from all different cultures. Because they can be stored frozen, they can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. I felt like the pies lacked our Jamaican flavor and wanted to add that in there, ”he said.

He started the company to deal with COVID-19. After losing his job, he took time off to hone his skills, sharing pies with friends and family. Word of mouth did the rest. It wasn’t for a long time that he got into the baking business: “Jamaican culture is very prevalent here. So many people know about our cuisine, and they also know about fusion foods, since Toronto is such a multicultural city. So the taste of the pie, resulting from this familiarity, resonates with people.

Mainly a delivery service, he had cast a wide net across town. This purchase option complements the convenience of the dish and times when the goal is to stay indoors.

Henry hopes these pies will one day be available throughout the store, “I love sharing my culture with others, and these pies have allowed me to do so in a new and exciting way.”

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