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With the start of Halloween Horror Nights, many fun Halloween treats are coming to Universal Orlando Resort. Voodoo Donut in CityWalk features two new Halloween donuts inspired by Frankenstein and Dracula’s bride.

Bride of Frankenstein – $ 3.75

Marble cake dipped in chocolate and vanilla frosting

It’s a pretty solid choice if you’re looking for something simple. The marbled cake base with vanilla and chocolate frosting is basic but it’s a nice treat without a lot of bells and whistles that will satisfy your sweet tooth.


We liked the vanilla frosting better and the cake was a nice change of pace from the many specialty yeast donuts we reviewed.


Compared to last year’s Halloween Horror Nights Jack the Clown donut, it’s disappointing in appearance, but we still recommend it for taste.


Dracula’s Kiss – $ 3.75

Yeast donut in powdered sugar with a cherry filling


It reminded us of a pączki (Polish-style donuts). It was super soft, cool, chewy and light. The two “blood” oozing vampire bites are a nice visual touch.


Unfortunately the cherry filling was too heavy for us. There was a lot of it and it was a very tangy, thick, pie-like filling.


The yeast donut part was amazing, but you have to really love the cherry to fully enjoy it.


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