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When it comes to seasonal flavors, no country is more in the spotlight than Japan. Over the next few weeks, as the weather begins to subtly change, you will suddenly see all kinds of fall-appropriate tastes popping up in shops, cafes, and restaurants. One ingredient that is absolutely synonymous with fall at this point is the sweet potato.

Each year, the Japanese donut chain Mister Donut launches a line of delicious sweet potato treats. They use the clever nickname of Satsumaimo-de, a mix of satsumaimo the Japanese word for sweet potato and the French word “mode”. For this year’s lineup, some old favorites have been revamped and new contenders are emerging.

For the Mitsu Imo donut, not only the taste of a sweet potato was reproduced, but also the soft and chewy texture.

There are few things more heavenly than potato and butter, so this classic combo can be found in the Mitsu Imo Butter Flavor Donut.


Beni Imo takes up the image of the purple sweet potato, with a beni-imo sesame seed icing and garnish.


Daigaku Imo, which means “university potatoes,” is a popular snack made with candied sweet potatoes. The sweet frosting is based on this ever-popular treat, and the donut has been dusted with sesame seeds.


Finally, this donut is simply called the sweet potato, from the English word for the autumn specialty. Rather than a frosting, this one is topped with a cream of sweet potato and a dash of sesame seeds.


These donuts can be found at Mister Donut branches in Japan until the end of November. Each donut costs between 140 and 154 yen, with different prices depending on whether you eat in or take out.

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