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The pandemic has also quadrupled Far Breton’s business in the farmers market, leading Young to seek new ways to grow. Inspired by tiny houses, she invested in a trailer to transport her pastries. Young also enlisted the help of three bakers, Marena Fox Baker, Elle Herman and Jacina Krohn, to help him in the kitchen and at the market. Herman runs the bakery, Krohn works as an assistant bakery manager, and Baker makes kouign-amann better than Young herself.

“I need to train the next generation, and this is my next generation. I like having an all-female team. It’s really important to me, ”Young said.

Since Far Breton got his trailer he has been able to take his goods even further than the Northside Town Center. To meet demand outside of Madison, the bakery sells pre-baked (partially baked) frozen pastries at the Just Local Food Co-op in Eau Claire and also participates in Food Truck Fridays in Eau Claire. Far Breton also offers pickup services at FEED Kitchen on Fridays, giving new customers the option to choose a sample of six pastries.

Marie Young shows Marena Fox Baker how to make quiches at FEED Kitchens in Madison. Young and his team make baked goods for sale at the North Side Sunday Farmer’s Market.


“It’s spread or die,” Young said. “We have no choice but to grow. It’s a good problem to have.

Young still hopes to have his own independent bakery one day. His goal is to continue to teach and develop his team of bakers, and one day open a production plant to support a store open to the public on the north side. As long as Young can sell her pastries, she’ll be happy.

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