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Photo courtesy of Babe’s Meat & Counter

Melanie Schoendorfer – the self-proclaimed “Miami sausage queen” – and her husband, Jason, know their meats. The couple first arrived on the South Florida food scene in 2013, offering homemade smoked sausages, specialty bacon, and artisanal artisan sandwiches via pop-ups at Pinecrest Farmers Market and local breweries. . What started as a local business evolved into a full-fledged business in 2018, when the duo opened the brick-and-mortar Babe’s Meat & Counter in Palmetto Bay, expanding the menu with a selection of specialty meats. top of the line. Today, a butcher’s counter also serves as a breakfast and lunch spot, offering cold cuts, sausages, and sandwiches built around premium cuts. But the most popular menu item is the burger. Each week, the house meat mix changes slightly, Jason explains. While each five-ounce patty begins with a premium chuck and brisket, an assortment of premium toppings – a hint of Prime Angus here, a bit of American Wagyu there – make for a delicious final mix. In another nod to zero waste, the chopped fat is set aside for frying oil, creating the ultimate beef fat fries to accompany burgers. It all adds up to the best of Miami, with each patty cooked to order on the grill, then topped with American cheese, homemade pickles and sriracha mayonnaise, and inserted into a chewy Martin’s Potato Roll.

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