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Welcome to Reel Round-Up, a weekly column where Kennedy Dierks shines a spotlight on the best creators of Instagram Reels.

Professional chefs, food bloggers and home cooks have all found a home with Instagram reels and the Explorer Coils page, which provides a new (ish) tool to showcase their cooking skills and interact with subscribers on a more intimate level. Content creators have jumped on the many trends, cooking tips and foodie must-haves that social media has to offer, and continue to use Instagram as a ‘home base’ for sharing photos AND videos while developing their community through the Explore Instagram page. .

Here are eight Instagrammers whose Reels drove me scrolling crazy this week:

A post shared by Rachel Samson (@stickaforkinme)

Rachel is both a foodie and a travel junkie, and combines her passions for travel and food in her reels. With restaurant recommendations, featured favorites, and of course, dessert, Rachel will take you through Expedia for the next outbound flight. To verify this coil for one of Rachel’s travel finds, it’s almost too cute to eat.

A post shared by Magnolia Bakery (@magnoliabakery)

A post shared by Magnolia Bakery (@magnoliabakery)

You may know Magnolia Bakery for their banana pudding, but now you know them for their addicting reels that showcase their cupcake of the week, cake creation, and bewitching bite strokes.

A post shared by FoodWithFabio (@fabiocarratelli)

A post shared by FoodWithFabio (@fabiocarratelli)

Based in Seattle, Fabio is a personal chef sharing his Italian heritage and passion for food of all kinds. With detailed footage, step-by-step instructions and ingredient lists, Fabio brings his favorite dishes to your Instagram feed, from drinks To having dinner To dessert.

A post shared by Maggie Headlee (@maggiebakesgrace)

A post shared by Maggie Headlee (@maggiebakesgrace)

Maggie is a 2016 Olympic Trials swimmer who loves to cook and believes “food is fuel.” Maggie’s recipes are all dairy free and her Reels feature vegan imitators of Sourdough bakery cookies, Pop Tarts, and reese eggs, as well as a large number of Chia Seed Pudding and baked oats receipts.

A post shared by IKRAM GRILL (@ikramgrill)

A post shared by IKRAM GRILL (@ikramgrill)

Ikram Grill brings the Halal street food you know and love both the West Coast and your Instagram. With clichés worthy of the slime of chicken shawarma and rapid fire stacking sandwiches, Ikram Grill’s Reels will make you crave Middle Eastern street food.

A post shared by Samah    London (@londonbruncher)

A post shared by Samah London (@londonbruncher)

Samah is a self-proclaimed foodie who shares easy-to-follow information receipts, social media tendencies, and recommendations for her favorite restaurants around London. Its reels will keep your eyes glued to the screen in anticipation of final products, whether crispy garlic dip, 10 minutes of noodles, Where Al Limone vegan pasta (ish). Bonus content for audiophiles: ASMR Garlic Bread.

A post shared by Larisha & Andrew |  Vegan food (@makeitdairyfree)

A post shared by Larisha & Andrew | Vegan food (@makeitdairyfree)

Wondering how you get ^ that ^ kind of traction without animal products? Vegan New Jersey couple Larisha and Andrew will make you forget you’ve ever relied on dairy with Reels, including Weekly recipes of 20 minutes or less (Hello, Mac vegan 15 minutes), easy vegan desserts (now that hostess gifts are a thing again), and dairy-free imitators of your Chipotle favorites (you don’t even have to pay extra!).

A post shared by Stephen Cusato        (@thefoodfreakk)

A post shared by Stephen Cusato (@thefoodfreakk)

Inspired by the end, great Antoine Bourdain, Stephen’s goal is to ensure that “more people are cooking today, and cooking with confidence, than there were yesterday”. With coils that include the basics of cooking, and tutorials for American and international classics, Stephen makes sure your food will be delicious.

I hope this list will help you find your foodie muse! Or, at the bare minimum, gives you more material to procrastinate with the rest of the week… Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you, dreaming about Falafel, frozen bananas, and fish and chips of the weekend.

Until next week!!


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