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SANTA BARBARA, California – McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams – With a reputation for making the best ice cream, McConnell’s, a 70+ year-old family business, presents the creamiest, most indulgent plant-based frozen dessert you’ve ever tasted from the early days of their new line of frozen desserts without dairy products.

Like all of the company’s offerings, the new range is made from scratch at McConnell’s Family Dairy, using an exclusive and innovative base of oat milk, cocoa butter and coconut oil to match. of the indulgent, unique and creamy mouthfeel of McConnell Ice Cream – without the coconut, oat or nutty aftertaste or smell that customers so often find in dairy-free offerings. And like other McConnell’s products, there are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

“We are delighted to launch our new line of dairy-free frozen desserts,” said Michael Palmer, co-owner and CEO of McConnell. “This is our most innovative and delicious offering to come out of our family dairy, and we can’t wait for our fans to discover a plant-based ice cream that not only tastes amazing, but serves an allergen-free option for all. appreciate. “

McConnell Dairy Free Frozen Desserts are made from a combination of gluten-free oats, cocoa butter and highly refined coconut oil. The oat base has a neutral taste, which gives McConnell’s the ability to incorporate other ingredients and flavors without overpowering them. The end results? Dairy-free flavors that stand out in terms of delight, smoothness and richness. All flavors are Allergen Free, Kosher and GMO Free. Delicious for customers and good for the planet.

“With our new dairy-free line, we aim to deliver a product with the quality you expect from McConnell’s ice cream,” says McConnell’s co-owner and chef Eva Ein. “People looking for great ice cream deserve McConnell’s deeply indulgent experience through flavor and texture, whether dairy-based or not.”

McConnell Dairy Free Frozen Desserts launch with six flavors available for purchase from the McConnell website with nationwide delivery, including chocolate fondant and cookies, coffee cookie crumble, cookies and cream, passion fruit lemon swirl, salted caramel chocolate swirl and vanilla bean, with more to come. Flavors will be rolled out gradually in McConnell’s scoop stores on a monthly basis, starting with the peanut butter chocolate crunch, cookies and cream, and the passionfruit lemon swirl.


Founded in Santa Barbara, Calif. In 1949 and now in its third generation of family ownership, McConnell’s uses grass-grazed milk and cream from the Central Coast and the finest local, sustainable and organic ingredients sourced from farms and regions. partner suppliers with whom they have worked for decades to make the best ice cream in the world.

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