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Olympic gold medalist Adam Peaty celebrated his victory by “eating his weight in donuts”.

The champion, who won two gold and one silver in breaststroke at Tokyo 2020 last month, slipped into the special Olympic-themed donuts from Derby Company Project D.

One of the large donuts was decorated like a gold and the other finished with blue frosting to look like water.

Adam posted a photo of himself on Instagram holding two of the company’s bespoke mega donuts with the caption “Eat my weight in Project Donut.”

The donuts were ordered by the family of the 26-year-old for a party held in his honor.

Swimmer Adam Tourbé

Despite ordering 80 more donuts for the party, there’s no risk Adam Peaty will gain weight – he’ll soon be in the unfamiliar surroundings of a dance studio as he prepares to appear in Strictly. This year’s Come Dancing, which begins on BBC1 next month.

Jacob Watts, Project D Director of Operations said: “It’s amazing to think that Adam Peaty, two-time Olympic champion and the world’s fastest swimmer, is a fan of our donuts.

“Like many others, we watched and celebrated his accomplishments in Tokyo, so it was an absolute privilege to receive the order for his homecoming party and we were delighted to create the Olympic-themed mega-donuts especially for him.

“I can’t say we’re your typical Strictly fans, but we’re definitely going to be careful with how he gets along. Maybe we’ll even make a special Sparkle Ball themed donut if he wins, too.

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