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One of the reasons Aldi is so popular is that the supermarket has items that you simply won’t find in other stores.

But on the other hand, it can sometimes cause an uproar when a popular item sells out and turns out to be for a limited time – as fans of Aldi’s mini donuts unfortunately found out.

Aldi recently started selling Sweet Haven mini donuts which were frozen in two flavors: strawberry and chocolate hazelnut.

They joined Urban Eats chocolate-filled mini churros, with buyers calling the limited-edition desserts a “big hit” for families.

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But now a mom has revealed that all three desserts have been “removed” from stores, with the supermarket known to mark limited-edition products with a “D” when not restocked.

“For those of you who have had the chance to try them, I have bad news,” began his post in the Aldi Mums Facebook group.

“It was a great success with my family. We absolutely loved them. Today I tried both of my stores with no success, only to find that they were deleted.

The mother said a member of staff “advised me to email Aldi and complain” as it might persuade them to bring back the desserts as a permanent item.

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“I am absolutely drained,” wrote the Victorian woman. “It was a real treat for the family.”

His post drew more than 100 comments from buyers also upset by the news.

“That’s what bothers me about Aldi,” wrote one person. “You buy things that you like and then go back and they’re gone and it’s not even a special purchase. “

“The worst thing about Aldi, they bring great things, only to cut them off a few months later,” commented another.

“Don’t do this to us during containment,” pleaded a buyer. has previously confirmed that Aldi staff will often mark the price of limited edition products that will not be restocked, so that they can easily be found on the shelves.

The trick was first discovered in February when an employee confirmed on Facebook that Aldi’s Urban Eats Bao Buns were discontinued.

In addition to its flagship products, Aldi offers a range of seasonal and time-limited products, including specialty cheeses, desserts and freezer foods.

Sometimes these items become so popular that Aldi decides to stock them year round, with his Urban Eats spanakopita and cheese tiropita becoming permanent freezers last year.


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