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Former Graze CEO is launching a healthy donut brand offering scientifically designed treats without HFSS at less than 160 calories per donut.

Called Urban Legend, it’s the brainchild of Anthony Fletcher, who ran Graze for 10 years, before which he worked for Innocent.

Fletcher initially self-funded the project, enlisting a series of scientists to create the brand’s donuts, which are not HFSS, do not have red lights under the government’s labeling system, and are billed as containing 50 % less sugar and fat than its competitors in the market.

They are made with a patented process that allows the dough to be “set” by steaming, rather than frying, in a purpose built facility.

A micro-layer of fat is then deposited on the outside of the treat, designed to introduce “the taste and texture of a fried product with little added saturated fat” as well as “intelligent combinations of natural flavors that enhance the taste. sweetness and flavor. indulgence ”and“ alternatives to sugar discovered in melons, pears, roots and leaves ”.

The brand will debut next week with the opening of a physical store in Brighton, with four London stores expected to follow in the coming year, Fletcher said. Donuts will also be available through Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

“Bakery is one of the bigger categories and it has one obvious problem – if you’ve ever baked a cake with your kids, you’ve seen the amount of sugar and fat in them,” Fletcher said.

“Consumers won’t stop indulging themselves, but I really believe there is a world of innovation that can solve the problem so people can have their cake and eat it. Plus, I love science.

Fletcher self-funded the brand when it was conceived, but has since completed a fundraiser from “well-known companies” and angel investors, he said.

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