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KRIPSY Kreme is offering a dozen original frozen donuts tomorrow to all customers.

Usually the box of 12 donuts costs £ 9.95, but you can get it free with the purchase of any other dozen for a limited time.


You will be able to get 12 additional donuts for free in the “Match Day” offerCredit: Getty

The store has the free one-on-one purchase offer to celebrate England’s match against Ukraine tomorrow night at Euro.

When entering a store, all you have to do is mention the “Match Day” offer to a staff member to use it.

You also have to buy another dozen at full price to get the giveaway, but it can be any flavor of donut and ultimately comes down to 24 donuts for the price of 12.

Usually that order size would cost at least £ 19.90, so you can save half the price with the offer and refuel for when your friends come over to watch the game later today.

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Currently, you can only use the free box tomorrow, July 3, depending on the upcoming game.

But the offer is also expected to continue beyond Saturday, only if England continue to win.

For any remaining match days in England which are hopefully scheduled to take place next Wednesday (July 7) and Sunday following (July 11), the freebie will also be in effect.

The same rules will apply and you will need to inform a staff member of the “Match Day” offer.

Unfortunately, you cannot get the gift at supermarkets or stores that have Krispy Kreme kiosks like Tesco or Morrisons, or at any Welcome Break gas station.

You will only be able to redeem at an appropriate Krispy Kreme store – use the locate tool to help you find the nearest store.

You can however order online and schedule to click and claim your free dozen.

To do this you must have placed your order online by 2pm the day before an England game, so it is too late to click and withdraw tomorrow but you can still order for next Wednesday and Sunday.

Simply add the ‘Match Day, Buy One Free Gift’ product to your online shopping cart which will include a dozen shares and a dozen free original frostings for £ 12.95 in total.

This isn’t the first time Krispy Kreme has offered so many sugary treats, a million was given once lockdown restrictions began to ease.

Krispy Kreme also gave away free donuts to anyone who has had a lockdown birthday.

Additionally, when you sign up for the donut giant’s rewards program, you might also have a chance to win a giveaway.

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