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Every Costco member knows that one of the most exciting parts of a trip to the warehouse is a visit to the freezer section. But be aware that three popular frozen treats sold by the retailer and other grocery chains were voluntarily recalled because they “may contain very small metal fragments“, according to the manufacturer.

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If you’ve recently stocked up on candy at Costco, here’s the inside scoop on the three varieties of Greek yogurt bars recalled by Clio Snacks due to potential safety concerns:

  • Clio Snacks Mixed Berry & Peach Less Sugar (boxes of 16 units, UPC 854021008220, expires 7/11/2021)
  • Clio Snacks Vanilla & Strawberry Minis (boxes of 24 units, UPC 854021008138, expiry 04/07/2021)
  • Clio Snacks Vanilla & Strawberry (boxes of 16 units, UPC 854021008022, expires 5/9/2021)

Clio Snacks announced the recall on Friday “out of an abundance of caution as some products may contain very small metal fragments from production equipment/machinery.” Costco then sent the notification on Saturday through its member mobile content system, according to the Miami Herald.

Reports suggest these products may have been sold as early as February 2021. Clio Snacks said there were no known injuries at the time of the recall notification.

If you have any of the bars impacted, you must immediately destroy them. For reimbursement, Clio Snacks is also asking consumers to present proof of purchase with a printed or digital receipt.

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