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Today, we stopped by VooDoo Donut in CityWalk Orlando to try two of their seasonal donuts available this summer: their Olympic Ring donut and a Summer S’mores donut available exclusively in the Universal Orlando mobile app.

Olympic Donut Ring – $ 3.75

VooDoo Donut is offering five Olympic rings themed donuts just in time for this summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo.


You can order the donut in any of the five colors of the Olympic rings, but the ingredients and flavor are the same. Does anyone else think it’s weird that donuts aren’t actually rings?


These donuts are a raised yeast shell filled with Yuzu whipped cream topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.


The Yuzu topping was fantastic! It boasted of a tangy citrus flavor in a thick and chewy cream filling. You could taste that wonderful lemon flavor with every bite, even without cream. The super sweet vanilla frosting and sprinkles on the donut were excellent and the donut was incredibly fresh. These are great summer flavors – I highly recommend this one!

Summer S’mores Donut – Mobile App Exclusive – $ 3.75


It’s a raised yeast donut filled with chocolate whipped cream, dipped in chocolate frosting, marshmallows and graham crackers.


Unfortunately, this donut was a disappointment; and frankly, an insult to s’mores everywhere.


The donut shell was a bit dry and stale, and this couldn’t be saved by the toppings or the garnish. The topping itself looked a bit like a hot chocolate flavor or a chocolate marshmallow. It was ok but the donut itself was not very good. The marshmallows on top were perfect, however.


I ended up eating the marshmallows and throwing out most of the donuts because they were dry and stale. Maybe since this is an exclusive mobile order, they don’t sell a lot of it and the result isn’t as fresh.

Would you like to try one of these summer specials at VooDoo Donut? Let us know in the comments below!

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