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In its popular markets, the alluring scent of baked and fried Eastern European treats lined up outside Polish club Ashfield. While the PolArt venue is temporarily closed for a facelift, the cultural center keeps the spirit alive at the Pratten Park Bowling Club. At the upcoming Children’s Day winter carnival on Sunday, May 30, you can experience other culinary delights as well as an array of other Polish cultural achievements.

Who needs to go to Eurovision Song Contest when this event features live folklore ensembles right here in the port city? The day will feature the best of Polish Down Under culture, including traditional dance, drama, song, prose and music, as well as educational demonstrations, family games, and arts and crafts activities for all ages. For foodies, there will be a selection of traditional European dishes including hot pierogi (Polish dumplings), Polish kielbasa (smoked hunter’s sausages) and hearty barszcz (beetroot soup). On the sweet side, you can find an assortment of ciasto (indulgent bundt cakes), kremówka (vanilla cream cake) and the very popular pÄ…czki (plum jam donuts).

If you want to take home some comfort food for those colder nights on the way, there are some take-out frozen pierogi available for pre-purchase, which come with a range of toppings including cheese and potatoes, cabbage and mushrooms and pork. (a box of ten costs between $ 10 and $ 12).

Presale tickets for this day of Polish culture and goodies are $ 10 ($ 30 for a family), or the day you can win entry for $ 15 ($ 40 for a family). Take yours here.

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